3 The requirements of the decision makers should have a crucial

Under these circumstances, decision analytical modelling provides an alternative framework for economic evaluation.Decision analytical modelling compares the expected costs and consequences of decision options by synthesising information from multiple sources and applying mathematical techniques, usually with computer software. The aim is to provide decision makers with the best available evidence to reach a decision for example, should a new drug be adopted? Following on from our article on trial based economic evaluations,1 we outline issues relating to the design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of economic evaluations using decision analytical modelling.Glossary of termsCost effectiveness acceptability curve Graphical depiction of the probability that a health intervention is cost effective across a range of willingness to pay thresholds held by decision makers for the health outcome of interestCost effectiveness plane Graphical depiction of difference in effectiveness between the new treatment and the comparator against the difference in costDiscounting The practice of reducing future costs and health outcomes to present valuesHealth utilities Preference based outcomes normally represented on a scale where 0 represents death and 1 represents perfect healthIncremental cost effectiveness ratio A measure of cost effectiveness of a health intervention compared with an alternative, defined as the difference in costs divided by the difference in effectsMultiparameter evidence synthesis A generalisation of meta analysis in which multiple variables are estimated jointlyQuality adjusted life year (QALY) Preference based measure of health outcome that combines length of life and health related quality of life (utility scores) in a single metricTime horizon The start and end points (in time) over which the costs and consequences of a health intervention will be measured and valuedValue of information analysis An approach for estimating the monetary value associated with collecting additional information within economic evaluationDefining the questionThe first stage in the development of any model is to specify the question or decision problem. It is important to define all relevant options available for evaluation, the recipient population, and the geographical location and setting in which the options are being delivered.3 The requirements of the decision makers should have a crucial role in identifying the appropriate perspective of the analysis, the time horizon pandora jewelry https://www.pandorajewellrycanada.ca/, the relevant outcome measures, and, more broadly, the scope or boundaries of the model.4 If these factors are unclear, or different decision makers have conflicting requirements, the perspective and scope should be broad enough to allow the results to be disaggregated in different ways.5Decision treesThe simplest form of decision analytical modelling in economic evaluation is the decision tree.

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