Ahmed El Malky

Ahmed El Malky

 Tell us about your education and how you started your career?

It all started during my high school years, I started writing lyrics but I didn’t take it seriously, until my work was appraised by people that’s when I decided to take it more seriously and took my first step with the song “ Artah” for the star Tamer Hosny.

What have you worked on in 2020 and what are your upcoming projects?

In 2020 I wrote the song ya rawaa’nak and awel yom fel bo’d for Amr diab, and for ramy gamal I wrote mesh melahez haga, fahmany and beehom kolohom , for sandy I wrote etnein fi wahda, for Marwa Nagy “Lama Laeitak” and the last one was the theme song for the series “Madraset El Hob” titled” Leena Hayah Baadein” as for the upcoming work, I can’t still mention it but I have so many interesting projects  with lots of superstars lined up.


What was your first memory of success?

When my song “Artaah” for Tamer Hosny was released and it was a big hit, also when Tamer invited me upstage, and introduced me to the audiences saying I have a great potential in front of a number of journalists and super stars.


What are your career ambitions?

I wish that all the beautiful voices and talented artists in our region sing from my lyrics one day.

Imagine you were the head of the Musician’s syndicate, what decisions will you take for the benefit of other lyricists and poets?

I’ll try to establish a separate syndicate for poets to support and govern their rights, for I consider them all to be my fellows and colleagues, and wish to see them successful and protected.


What do you think of musical talent shows?

I think it has paved the way for many singers unlike the past, but it doesn’t guarantee their future success, for singing old songs composed by Baligh Hamdy or the late Abdul Wahab is incomparable with what these young artists can come up with, that’s why not all of them become superstars when they leave the show, it takes a lot more than that to become a real star, it isn’t just about their talents.

What are your hobbies?

I love football very much and I’m an avid Ahly supporter, I like to play old radio series on YouTube and listen to them, I also like to water the plants in my garden very much.

Are you a romantic person?


Do you believe in luck or horoscopes?

Not at all, I think they’re all fables.


How did you spend your time during the Covid-19 lockdown?

I learned how to bake cakes and make rice pudding 😂


Are you a risk-taker?

Very much so, and the biggest risk I took was when I quit my job as a banker to pursue my dream as a song writer despite what I was told from others, and thank God I was right.


Do you own another business?

No, I don’t.


How do you deal with social media?

I always keep an eye on people’s reactions for social media now is the leading marketing and social engagement tool, I also reply to all the comments and engage with my followers.


How do you handle criticism?

I think everyone is free to voice their opinions…However; I care about the audience’s feedback more than the critics’, for they are the ones who determine my failure or success.

Who is your idol in song writing?

I admire anyone who can write and express well, from the past generations I like Morsy Gamil Aziz, Al Abnoudy and Mohamed Hamza. From the previous generation I like Mostafa Kamel for he was the one who made me interested in song writing to begin with….Not to mention our leading poets in our industry such as Bahaa El din Mohamad, Ayman Bahgat Qamar, Nader Abdallah, Amir Taema whom I benefited a lot from.

Whom do you like to work with?

Anyone who can express my words in the best way possible.


Who gives you a second opinion on your writings?

First and foremost, ,my beloved wife “Mahy” who even writes some lines along with me, my sister Malak, my lifetime friend Mostafa Abd El hady, and of course the amazing song writer Saber Kamal who’s the closest person to me on a personal and a professional level. Last but not least, Mr. Mohamed Hussein the production manager, who has helped me a lot during my journey both personally and professionally.


Who are the closest friends to you from your domain?

I love them all with no exceptions, be it fellow lyricists or composers. However, Saber Kamal is the closest to me.


Which composer did you have the most chemistry with?

I cannot name one composer specifically; each one of them is unique in his own way, so I would like to thank them all for every success that we have and will achieve.


Which song did you write and was astonished by its success?

I can feel whether a song is going to be a hit.


Which song did you write and expected great success for but wasn’t successful?

The Laanet El Karma theme song titled Ya Khosaret Adam.


What do you think of Negm el Arab festival whose votes are determined by Gulf Audiences solely?

I think that given the fact that votes are done by non-Egyptian voters is a real evidence that our Egyptian stars are very successful elsewhere.


Any exclusive news for our magazine?

Hopefully the best is yet to come, and I sincerely thank you so much.