Ahmed Ibrahim

Ahmed Ibrahim
  1. In the beginning, let’s talk about your studies and the start of your career in the music field?

I studied at the Faculty of Antiquities at Ain Shams University, by then music was a hobby and I loved the singing as well. After I graduated high school, I started to focus more on the music, and I was a self-learner. I bought many musical instruments and I taught myself how to use them, wrote many songs and composed them, then I started to sell many of these songs until I met Nasr Mahrous, Mohamed Nour, Hatem Fahmy, and Amr Mustafa. I had many friends within the artistic community, but my turning point was the song Ala Bali by Sherine Abdel Wahab and Nasr Mahrous.


Memories and Childhood

  1. Tell us about your memories with the city of Port Said, the city where you were born?

My memories with Port Said can be summed up in one sentence or one answer. I was only born in Port Said but I lived my whole life in Cairo. I travelled to there during the holidays, and I have beautiful memories that cannot be forgotten such as sitting by the sea with family and friends, fishing and playing football with friends, and many more. Port Said is very special to me.


  1. Your memories as a football player?

I played football during my childhood in many clubs including Al Ahli Club, but I quit at the age of 15 because of an injury despite being a very special player. Currently, I’m an Al-Ahli fan; I support Barcelona team in Spain and Manchester United in England, and I’m also a fan of the Argentina and Italy’s national teams.


  1. Your memories and behind-scenes of your first successful artwork?

At the beginning, I had a lot of work with non-famous singers, but my first successful attempt was with the singer Hatem Fahmy in Album Mesh Men Haa’ak. However, the real hit and the first real success all over the Arab world was the song Ala Bali by Sherine Abdel Wahab  which was produced by Nasr Mahrous.


I was very lucky to meet Nasr Mahrous through Hani Mahrous when he heard my songs and was very impressed. We worked together two songs with him in the Sherine Abdul Wahab album; the first is Enta Aa’kher Wahed Fe Eldonia, and the second is Ala Bali which is very famous in the Arab World until now.

Third: Talking Music


Why did you choose music distribution and not singing or composing?

I loved singing in the beginning and I still do, but I love music in general and Allah wanted me to succeed in this field.


 – What is your vision in the music distribution field?

I dream to always be in the forefront in my field. I already worked on lots of successful songs and gained lots of awards that helped me maintain this position.



 The 500500  Cancer Hospital advertisement song achieved great public success, what’s the reason in your opinion?

The last song I worked with Mohamed Hamaki in was Haga Mestakhabeya and we didn’t have a chance to work again until 500500 song project. In fact, all the elements of this song were successful: the lyrics  of Amir Taima, the melody of Amr Mustafa, the singing of Hamaki and the distribution of Ahmed Ibrahim. Every one of us gave his best to maintain a great piece of art. Besides, the song was for a good cause and that’s why Allah granted us success.


  • Tell us about working with Sherine Abd El Wahab.
  • Sherine Abdel Wahab is a dear friend and, when we work together, there is always sincerity. I think we all know that Sherine constantly sings with passion and is always able to reach her listeners. She is very distinctive in the Arab World we worked on many songs together such as Ala Bali and Enta Aa’kher Wahed Fe Eldonia, Elmiraya, Metakhda Men Elayam, Masha’er, Mat’hasebneesh, Kolly Melkak, Khaletni Akhaf and finally the song of Hobbo Ganna.



And how was working with Tamer Hosny?

Tamer Hosni is a decent and courteous person whorespects his friends and his audience. On the professional level, he is an amzing singer and his popularity speaks for itself. And, since the late Abdel Halim Hafez, we did not have a singer and actor who achieved great success in both fields like he did and that’s why Tamer has a distinguished position all over the Arab region. We collaborated on many songs, including Hasis Be Khouf, Ayam Zaman, Bagheer Aleeha, Agmal Hedeya, Rehlet Elhaya, 180 Daraga, and others.


What were the hit songs that you worked on with Elissa ?

Elissa is a singer with a special character that will not be repeated. And she was able to prove herself in the field; we presented together the successful songs A’aks Elly Shaifenha, Ensana Baree’aa, and Ana Waheeda.


  • How was it working with Assala and what were the songs you worked on together?

Asala is a singer with a unique and strong talent and I love our success together ,I worked on many songs with her including Shakhseia Aneeda, Kabartak Ala Seedak, the famous song Bodak Anni, and Zekrayat Eshnaha Le ba’dena. I also presented lots of Gulf folk songs with her and the last song was Gabo Serto in 2019.


-What do you like about Angham? We want remind readers of the songs you presented with her?

She’s art school! Her most important attribute is that she presented songs that suit her and not for commercial purposes. A singer with  30 years of experience is always keen to present songs of artistic value, and she respects her art and her audience. Thus, she came to be one of the most important talents nowadays. On a personal level, she is a knowledgeable person with a strong, funny character and great interest in her work. We worked together on the song Etegah Wahed, and we collaborated on many singles as well. This year, we worked on Hala Khassa Album and presented 6 successful songs.


-You worked on many movies and series soundtracks which had a big role in their success. Please tell us about the most significant ones

–  Yes, I presented Kan Wahed Men Elnas song, Belwara’a We Elaa’lam song for Asal Eswed movie, Elmeraya song for Asef Ala Eleza’ag movie, Zekrayatak Meeh for Hamaki in Adel Emam’s Alzheimer movie, We Baa’dain for Tamer Hosny in Alharb Elalameya Eltalta movie, and many others. As for series’ theme songs, there is Masha’er song for Sherine which is one of the most distinguished series soundtracks. There is also Maa’sooma Noseen song for Nancy Ajram, Homoom Gabalain soundtrack for Mahmoud AbdelAziz’s series, the Excellence series by Ahmed Ezz, and many others.


What are the songs you worked on in 2019?


I presented 6 songs with Angham in Hala Khassa Album, 8 songs with Haitham Shaker, and 2 songs with Sharnoubi. I also presented Mahmoum song with Mohamed Mounir, 500500 song with Hamki, Aref with Mustafa Qamar, and Gabo Serto with Asala. All songs  have achieved great success, and there is a song coming soon with Fadl Shaker and Sherine Abdul Wahab.


– Your success with Angham in Hala Khassa Album was great. Her audience from the upper class is very special. Tell us about the behind the scenes of this Album?

– Angham’s album was a very special case for me! It received many awards. I also got The Global Music Award for the distribution of the song Hala Khassa. I’m glad I was responsible for the album in general and that the album succeeded with all segments of society and not only the upper class.

  1. What if:


If you were the Head of Musicians’ Union, what is the first decision you would make for the benefit of distributors and composers?

–  I would work on protecting the distributers rights since are totally ignored especially in  advertisements – related issues. We have laws for protecting the composer’s rights but none for distributers.


-If you were a talk show host, what kind of programs would you present?

-A program that has something to do with music or football.


-If you were a chef in a live TV program, which dish would you prepare for your audience?

I’m a big fan of the Egyptian and Japanese cuisines, but I am not good at cooking.


 If you are going to sing a single song, what song would you choose?

All the songs I have worked on are suitable for their singers, so if I’m going to sing then I’ll perform a new song that suites me.


If you were a movie star, what kind of roles would you play?

I think romantic or comedy roles.


  1. Up-close and personal
  • What are your hobbies?

Football, car driving at night, traveling, shopping, and raising animals, especially dogs.

  • An Arab country that you like travelling to?

Beirut and Saudi Arabia

  • Your favorite food?

All Egyptian dishes such as fish, rice, and molokheya.

  • The best attribute in Ahmed’s character?

I’m very calm, and I do not make decisions when I’m angry.

  • A defect in your character?

I turn into an angry person in some situations.

  • Are you a romantic person?

Yes, very much.

  • Are you a risk-taker?

Yes, and, if you don’t take risks, you will not succeed. However, the risk has to be calculated.

  • Do you easily get angry?

Yes, unfortunately.

  • Do you believe in horoscopes or luck?


  • How do you like to spend your free time?

I love arts, I am also interested in photography, and I like following the sports news.

  • Are you interested in fashion?

No, but I love classics.

  • Your favorite car?


  • Who are your closest friends in the art community?

I have lots of friends, but due to my work, I’m close to Angham, Amir Ta’aima, Nader Abdullah, and Walid Saad.


  1. Awards
  2. Congratulations on being awarded the Best Musician in Africa. Tell us about this award and what it represents in your career.

I thank Allah for receiving more than one award in 2019 from many web sites and magazines. Internationally, I received the Silver Medal in Global Music Award for the song Hala Khassa by Angham.

  1. We want to let readers know about all the titles you got in your career?

I have received many awards in my career both in Egypt and in the Arab World in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2019.


  1. What do you think of the Arab Star Festival (the annual festival of What Happens Magazine) since it depends on the vote of the Arab and Gulf audiences only and not the Egyptian audience?

The Arab Star Festival depends on a different audience and culture, and this is a very important thing for an artist. The Gulf audience in general is a different audience who respects the artist and interacts with him or her in a respectable manner.

Finally, give our magazine some exclusive news.

I’m preparing for a song by Fadl Shaker, lyrics by Mohammed Rifaa’e, and composition of Walid Saad. There is also more than one song with Elissa and Nancy Agram.

As for my exclusive news, I might present a single song as a singer, not a distributor. We are also preparing for a video clip shooting for Ya Reetak Fahemny song.