Amir Teima

Amir Teima
  • First, tell me about your study and how you entered the media. How was it?

I am a graduate of the faculty of business at Suez Canal University. My entry into the art world has nothing to do with my studies, but since I was 8 years old, I loved to write all the time and I was always working hard and developing myself.

My debut in the art world was in ‘ 97 when I accidentally met with the composer Wael Sabry and he asked me to write a song for a certain melody that was chosen by the singer Talaat Zein. After I wrote the song, artist Talaat Zein was impressed by it, and so my first song was “Bahr Eineek” by Talaat Zein. I was working in a bank in Hurghada at the time when I wrote a song for Alena Edward and then wrote another song in Talaat Zein’s album. My big break came when I met the singer Amr Diab through the composer Amr Mostafa. I worked with Amr Diab on “El-aalem Allah” and “Aamel Eeh Fi El Ana Habeto”. They achieved very great success, and in 2002 I decided to be a full-time songwriter.


  • Congratulations on the success of “El-Mamar” movie. Tell me about all the preparation and the difficulties you faced in writing the movie?

Sherif Arafa had the idea of “El-Mamar” for a long time, and then one day he called me and asked me to write the script. The movie was hard to write because it contains a lot of historical information, so we made a great effort to get it right. However, I enjoyed it very much because I wrote a movie about a very important stage in the history of Egypt which contains a lot of sacrifices; I also enjoyed working with Sherif Arafa.


  • Can you offer a patriotic film about the period from the January Revolution to the June 30 revolution, especially since there was no real work to document that period?

Maybe, why not? We can write a dramatic film in that time period in which we take a certain drama line and talk about it.


  • You wrote for the singer Warda al Jazairia her songs “Ya Hob Meen Yeshtery” and “Fahemoony.” In your opinion, what is the difference between singers of the past and artists now, and who would you wish to write for from the singers of the past?

I don’t like comparing old singers and singers of the current generation because every generation and every time has its respectable and distinguished singers and artists, and they all present classy art and are interested in all the details of their work. I feel proud and happy that my CV has this great collaboration with the artist Warda. If all the great artists like Abdelhalim Hafez, Abdelwahab, Mohamed Fawzy, and others were still alive, I would wish to work with each and every one of them.


  • Which composers do you love to work with and have a connection with?

All the composers with all their difference in generations are amazing and I love them all because they all added to my experience a lot. However, it’s the melodies that dictate the composers I’m going to work with. I like working on a certain melody, but if I hear another that I like I work on that. The available melodies determine whom I am going to work with.

  • Who do you take the opinion of on your work?

My wife, the staff, and eventually I make the decision myself.

  • Who is your secret keeper?

I am a person who does not prefer to talk a lot about his personal life; I am a secretive person, yet I have no secrets hidden. My life is just about work and family only.


  • What is your opinion on talent discovery programs?

All the programs need development because they have become abundant and similar and, because of poor production, it is difficult for these programs to produce songs and albums for all the voices offered by these programs. Each program includes a number of good and talented sounds, but in the end, they disappear after the programs end.

  • What is your opinion on social media?

Social media has a positive side for public figures, which is that you know the opinions of the public on your work as soon as the song comes out, so the feedback comes quickly like in the theater, but the negative side is the insults and the hateful words from some people. This depends on the person’s culture and intellect. Overall, I care about the positive side more because it helps me know the audience’s reaction quickly.


  • What do you think of the What Happens Festival, especially that it takes votes of the Gulf audience and excludes the Egyptian audience meaning that it honors every Egyptian artist that achieves success on the Arab level only?


Any festival by the audience vote would have value and appreciation because the prize was based on the opinion of the public. In the end, we work for the sake of the public.


  • Which of your songs achieved great success and established the name of Amir Tayima as the biggest and most important poet in the Arab world?

Alhamdulillah I have written 700 songs, and I have many songs that have achieved a lot of success with the public such as the song of “El-Aalem Allah” with Amr Diab along with many songs during my career like “Mabalash” with Hamaki, “Kol Haga Benna” with Tamer Hosny, “Keda Ya Albi” with Shireen, and many more. I am the poet who wrote the most songs for the singer Angham, namely 40 songs.

  • What is your ambition in the art world?

I am always interested in presenting songs with messages that benefit the society like “Khair W Shar” which is a song about terrorism. “Ersem Alb” and “Lama El Alb Yedo’” are some of the songs that moved the people. Also anti-drugs songs such as “Hadded B Eedek El Etegah” for Mohamed Hamaki. So my ambition is to present songs that make people happy and have messages to benefit them at the same time.

  • Away from art, if you weren’t a poet, what would you have liked to be?

After all this time and my artistic career, it is hard to imagine any other field to work in.


  • Who will win the African Cup of Nations tournament?

I wish that Egypt would win and in the second place the Arab teams.


  • Favorite country to travel to?

I love Beirut, Morocco, Thailand, Paris, and Italy, and I traveled to London to attend Mohammad Salah’s matches.


  • Are you romantic?

I think I’m romantic.


  • A funny interaction that happened to Amir Tayima with the audience and that you will never forget?

One of the situations that I will not forget is the reception of a large number of fans to me at the airport after I returned from the Star Academy’s season. It was a wonderful surprise and I was very happy.