Assi El Hallany

Assi El Hallany


  1. Congrats on your award in Nagm El Arab Festival as the best Arab singer for the year 2020, what did you think of the festival given that its awards are only based upon Arab and gulf audiences votes exclusively?

Thank you so much. I was thrilled to be awarded in such an important event, since the people’s opinions matter the most to me. I would also like to thank the festival’s administration, and of course, our dear audiences for their continued love and support.


  1. Let’s dig in the past, how did you take your first steps in singing?

It was a difficult road indeed, but my first break was through the Television show “Studio El Fann” after which I released my first hit which was “Wani Marek Mareit” and it was then when my name started to resonate more with people and thankfully up to this day as well.


  1. Can you see yourself in a Television drama or in Cinema one day?

I don’t mind it at all, for as long as I find something worthy enough and can add value to me. I won’t commit to something that I’m not fully convinced of.


  1. What do you aspire for in your career?

My ambition never stops, the sky is my limit. That’s why I strive for perfection and why I’m so keen on delivering the best for my audience who have loved and supported my ever since I started.


  1. What’s new for you in 2020?

I’m about to release my new album, which features a variety of songs in many Arabic dialects, including 2 Egyptian songs which were written and composed by the Egyptian lyricist Ghanem Gad Shaalan.  I also had the chance to collaborate with a number of talented composers, arrangers and lyricists. Hope the people like it.


  1. Are there any concerts soon in Egypt?

Yes, two concerts are scheduled to be held, one in Sharm El Sheikh and the other one in Cairo and we’ll announce the dates soon.


What do you think of…?

  1. Music talent shows, were they beneficial to musical field?

I think it serves everyone’s best interest, young aspiring artists get to showcase their abilities and talents, and react with the audiences, marking their very first moves towards stardom.

  1. As Ramadan is approaching us, what do you think of prank- based shows?

Some of them can be entertaining and fun, but some can be very dangerous for anyone to go through and are even disturbing to watch…Ramadan is the holy month of love and forgiveness, not pranks.


Up-close and personal


What’s your favorite holiday destination?

In Egypt I prefer to stay at Concord el Salam Hotel, I consider it as my second home, never have I felt homesick when I’m there with my dear friends.


Do you believe in horoscopes?

No, I don’t believe in them, I believe in fate and I trust in God’s plans for us.


What’s your hobby?

Horseback  riding.


Your favorite Egyptian dish?



Are you a fan of social media?

Sure, I check it from time to time, for it’s almost the new worldwide language now.


What did you learn from the global pandemic that we’re currently facing?

It has negatively affected the lives of many people worldwide, and it has taken its toll on our field as well, causing severe financial loss for everyone in all walks of life. The only good thing about it though was that it restored family ties that were almost non-existent before when everyone was busy with their lives. Let’s just hope this pandemic ends soon.


Whose advice do you take regarding your work?

My wife Collete is always the first one to listen to my new songs, she’s been my life partner for years and I greatly value her opinion. And of course, my agent here in Cairo Sherif  Diaa who was also awarded as the best agent. I consider him to be dear friend and a real brother.


Are you a romantic person?

Sure, I am, a true artist has to be romantic.


Who’s the closest Egyptian artist to you?

I consider them all to be my dear friends and collogues.


A word to Al Waleed and Maritta El Hellany?

Al Waleed is not only my son, he’s my friend. I wish him and Maritta the very best of luck in their music careers and I want them to work hard and treat each new song as their first…Maritta, Dana and Al Waleed are all my children and I love them with all my heart.