Aziz El Shafei

Aziz El Shafei
  • Tell us about your education

I have a bachelor degree in Engineering from Ain Shams University

  • How did you start your musical career?

At first, I started singing and the university and Horus Club, There I got to know Mostafa Shawky, Hany Adel and the composer Mohamad Nabil. I was also taught by our great professor Adel Wassef the basics of music at the youth center of Sarai Al Qubba .My first musical piece was in Mostafa Shawky’s album in 1999 where I worked on 4 songs. Then I was introduced to Khaled Selim’s producer “Karim Kabbara” and my first hit was Balash El Malama and Eshna Ad Eh in 2002.

  • You’ve recently worked on Amr Diab’s new Album, How was it like working with him?

I consider this to be one of my most important hits in my career so far, since Amr Diab is one of the biggest superstars in the Arab World. Our first collaboration was through Osama El Hindy where Diab picked the song and liked it very much back in 2019. Later,  we worked on Odam merayet-ha and it was a big hit, then zay manti , beldehka di,and Sahran, which became the album’s name later on.


  • What’s new for you in 2020?

I’ll try to maintain the same level of success and improve my skills even further, to produce more songs that are relatable to the audiences… so for this year I worked with Khaled Selim “elli fat mat” and a song for Alya titled “Roo’ Alina”. In the meantime, I’ve got future work plans with Hamaki, Tamer Hosny, Angham and many more.

  • You compose, sing and write lyrics. Which’s your favorite among the 3?

Composing comes in first, then writing lyrics and singing.


  • Can you try acting one day?

I’m a good musician so it’s difficult for me to start acting.


  • What’s the biggest hit that carved your name in the music scene?

Actually they were many, such as Balash el malama, yablady during the January 25th revolution, youm el Talat with Amr Diab, Hala Khasa gidan with Angham, and in 2020 the song Mesh tamam.


  • What ambitions do you have for yourself in the music scene?

I wish that in 50 years, future generations can still listen to my songs, enjoy them and get inspired by them like how we still enjoy listening to musical legends like Monir Mourad, Mohamed Abd El Wahab, Baligh Hamdy, Sayed Darwish and Kamal El Taweel.


  • What song you composed and were astonished by its success? And which of your songs were expected to succeed but did not?

I was surprised by the success of “ya bta3 el ne3na3 ya mena3na3”, I knew it was a good song but did not expect this huge success that altered people’s perceptions. As for the song that I really thought would be a big hit was “ kalam fady” by fakharany, my lyrics and melody but it didn’t receive enough media attention.


  • What challenges did you face at the start of your career and how did you overcome them?

I used to be an engineer so music was only just a hobby but it was very difficult to enter the music scene for me at first, but after knowing Mostafa Shawky and Karim Kabbara and the success of balash el malama for Khaled Selim in 2002, I secured my position as a composer.


  • Use one word to describe:

Amr Diab? an Icon

Tamer Hosny? A real Artist

Mohamed Hamaky? My favorite singer

Mohamed Mounir? The King

Ramy Sabry? Great talent and a great mind

  • Who would you like to compose a song for?

Sherine and Ellissa.


  • Who would you like to perform a duet with?

Hamid El Shaery.


  • What do you think of the Arab Star Festival, Especially when it’s the only Egyptian festival where its votes are based upon gulf voters?

I respected the leadership of the festival when they honored Tamer Ali as the best composer which I felt he deserved, so I sensed the amount of credibility within the process. When they called me in 2019 to attend, they were honest from the start and they mentioned that weather I attend or not, I’m going to receive my award nevertheless. And that’s hard to find especially when I see other festivals entirely based on courtesies.

  • Up –Close and personal

Your favorite Holiday Destination? Soma bay- Hurghada

Do you believe in luck? Sure, and I believe that perseverance and ambition can combat bad luck.

If you were a footballer, who’s going to be your ally in zamaalek Club? Tarek Hamed

Do you find social media? It has managed to bring people together and further apart at the same time.

Who’s your musical idol? Mohamed Abd El Wahab

Are you a romantic person? Yes, I am

What would you say to “Maharaganat” singers? I think it’s a form of art that combines folk music and monologues at the same time. But not everyone can sing.

Can you become a judge at one of the talent- discovery shows? Yes, if the show has enough credibility.

As we are approaching Ramadan, What are your Ramadan traditions? I like the Ramadan vibes a lot. And I’m used to reading the Quran, eating beans and yoghurt for Sohour time, inviting family members and loved ones for Iftar… And I still have memories for the time I used to live in Zaytoun area where we used to hang Ramadan ornaments and play football after the iftar.

An exclusive news piece for our magazine?

I’ll be working on a new single, performed by me.