CONGRATULATIONS! Haitham Nassar the General Manager of Hilton Pyramids Golf for winning one of the most prestigious award in 2019 “THE BEST GENERAL MANAGER TALENT DEVELOPER – EMEA 2019”.

1-Congratulations for winning the award, tell us more about it. Who is presenting it? Who can be nominated? What is the selection criteria?

  • Hilton presented this award to recognize and appreciate General Managers that go’s the extra mile in nurturing a life-long learning culture and developing potential talent to build great careers.
  • All Hilton General Managers can be nominated for the award.
  • The selection criteria focuses on growing and supporting young talents, maximizing potential to offer career paths. Build on that and support those by placing them into a fast track program and a career shift in some cases. Also, support in moving to another hotel to gain further exposure and additional experiences. Measured by the successful number of promotions / transfers / and transferred talents to sister Hilton hotels.


2-What is “Female diversity”? Do you believe it’s important in the work place and the future of tourism? Why?

Female Diversity in the workplace is necessary to create a competitive economy in a globalized world. Diversity helps businesses avoid employee turnover costs, and fosters a more creative and innovative workforce.


  • After 30 years in the hospitality field, what have you always enjoyed about this industry?

I enjoy the variation of what the hospitality industry offers. It’s both challenging and rewarding with every day being different. As a General Manager you have a real opportunity to make an Owner happy and encourage them to build and invest more in our brand and create more opportunities to our young generation.  Also, for both customers and their experience, and to the team members and their work satisfaction by developing their talent to build great careers. We are proud that Hilton has ranked #2 on the list of the top 25 companies and remains the only hospitality company on the list.

  • It seems you were excited to discover new places. Are you still excited to discover new destinations?


I always say to the team at Hilton Pyramids Golf and elsewhere, that it is very good to make a move every three to four years, to stretch out and explore new opportunities/ destinations, new assignments or simply explore a new department! If you stay in the same place for a long time, you may become too relaxed. You have to meet new culture and new challenges, evolve as a person, and aim to reach next level. Fast pace is what keeps me moving on; staying at one place for a long time slows the enthusiasm.

  • In terms of excitement and inspiration, what is it that gives you the passion for the role? What do you find inspiring about working in hospitality and being a general manager?

Hospitality is a 24-hours business of serving people. Currently, I take care of 300 employees every day, along with making sure that they have the proper environment to deliver the best and stay in high spirit, also developed with a futuristic vision. On the other hand, I have to make sure that our guests are happy and having a fantastic time in the hotel. It is a very dynamic job… Tomorrow is completely different from today. Every day you deal with people from all over the globe with different backgrounds, people who are coming from the six continents for different reasons, sharing dissimilar values. So many differences and in the core is the respect and the common goal.


  • How much Hilton Pyramids Golf changed in terms of the recent rebranding? What can we expect to see?

Hilton Pyramids Golf is now 20 years old; however it’s a good asset at Hilton, it’s the perfect hotel away from down town Cairo that can cater for both business and leisure guests. Through its unique facilities, of multiple meeting rooms covering all size of meetings and events, to its accommodation with a stunning view to the Golf course.  The accessibility to a world class SPA and proximity to business and leisure hub makes it special, above all the spirit of the professional team members eager to cater for your needs.


  • What is your vision for the future of the hotel?

I am addicted to non-traditional concepts, so my vision for Hilton Pyramids Golf is to be recognizable for personalized service and quality standards. We pride ourselves on truly customizing every stay to suit each of our guests and to live our company vision – To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality –  by delivering exceptional experiences to every guest, every time. The hotel is currently undergoing a massive renovation plan that will help us maintain our passion of being the Number 1 Hotel and guest’s first choice in our area.

  • What is your expectations for the future of tourism in Egypt in 2020? And how do you see the future of the tourist-flow after the opening of the Egyptian Museum and the development of the pyramids area?


2020: A promising year ahead with exceptional Growth in Egypt’s Tourism Industry, its  a Year of change, and we must keep evolving, the Grand Egyptian Museum will be a world-class facility that will add not only to Egypt’s tourism but also to its economy along with the local community. The new location of the Museum actually makes exploring both the museum and the pyramids more conducive. Without a doubt, the Grand Egyptian Museum has been a huge undertaking for Egypt, which will increase the number of tourists. This will be supported by the new SPHINX Airport close by. Also, the comeback of the British and Russian tourists to Sharm and to Egypt in general will improve further the numbers. So, we must in return enhance and upgrade our offerings.

The future is bright and challenging at the same time. Challenges are in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our visitors, which will lead to placing Egypt where it belongs again!


  • If you were going to pass on one piece of advice to an aspiring General Manager, what would it be?

The key advice is that you should enjoy working with your team, and be able to commit all together for the same goal. Team work… It’s all about team work,

You have to be passionate & dedicated in transforming your vision into reality, inspiring your team and always lead by example.

Support them towards getting better and achieving more each day.