Dr. Hazem Torki

Dr. Hazem Torki

Dr.  Hazem Torki

Master of Science in Oral Implantology , Goethe University, Germany

Fellow International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI)

Fellow Germany Society of Oral Implantology (DGOL)

Implant Program – Post Graduate Endodontic Department – Cairo University

  • For a start we want to introduce Dr Torki and his Qualifications?

Well I am an Implant and Periodontics specialist, CEO of Ghizem Corporation and owner of Torki’s Dental Center and Torki’s Academy for continuing education, where we educate dentists!. I graduated from Ain Shams university and obtained my Masters Degree from Goethe University, Germany. I am a former teacher at Misr International University (2011-2017) and currently I’m the program director of the post-graduate Implant program at Cairo University. (2015 – present )

  • Does the “Black Fungus” have any relation to Oral Health?


Since Covid-19, health awareness have increased dramatically, unfortunately oral health didn’t, that’s why I’m working so hard trying to change that. The symptoms of the black fungus ranges from bad breath to loose teeth. It is very necessary for patients that recovered from Covid-19, to go for regular oral check-ups for at least a month, specially diabetic patients.


  • What are the precautions that Dr Torki uses for infection control, measures against Covid-19?


Well any medical treatment is based heavily on following strict measures and protocols to prevent the spread of infections. We are applying these measures since many years ago, but today we are more careful. We have one of the largest and most advanced Sterilization centers in the world in our clinic. We have heavily invested in that section for our patients safety. We even have one of its kind “Airflow-controlled” and “Air Purified” environment in our sterilization zone and clinics.


  • What are the drawbacks of Veneers? And what are the new materials and techniques that Dr Torki uses?


Veneers when done properly and patients are given a scientific based treatment do not cause any problems according to recent studies. If not, irreversible damage can harm the patient. That’s why patient education is a must and careful selection of the Dentist is important. We do not do “Hollywood smiles”, rather we do “Torki’s Smile”! This is done in our in-house lab which is in collaboration with one of the world’s leading Dental Labs located in Beverly Hills, USA. Using the most advanced and evidenced based techniques in the world, and the most talented master technicians to give patients the smiles they dream of and deserve.


  • We want to ask you about the advice that you give to patients needing root canal treatment or fillings? And what are the recent treatments used?


I would say to every patient: “every millimeter of your tooth is valuable! Make sure your dentist save’s it! Today we don’t do crowns, we only replace them. If a tooth needs root canal treatment or is badly decayed, we remove the damaged part, leave the healthy part untouched. Restore the damaged part by mimicking nature and biology using the “Biomimetic Concept”. We are one of the very few worldwide that follows this concept based on today’s studies and evidence.


  • With many dentists in the country, people get confused choosing a good dentist. How do you advise the general population to choose the right dentist for their dental treatment?


That’s a very good question! People should educate themselves in any type of treatment they need. Dental treatment is no exception. Patients should ask actual people they know and trust who had the same type of treatment they need. So for example if they need an implant treatment, they should ask a patient who had implant treatment not a root canal treatment for instance and make sure it was successful and that the patient got the treatment they needed and expected


. 7) What is the best implant brand today?


Again, we frequently hear patients asking about German, American or Swiss implants. Its not about the country of manufacture, but by studies made on this implant and the surface treatment it has, its design and whether it’s suitable for your case or not. Italy manufactures Ferrari, but also Fiat. Germany manufactures Mercedes but also Volkswagen.. Unfortunately I cannot name an implant brand not to be biased. But in the market there are 4/5 top implant brands that’s it. Educate yourself to find out which ones they are.


8- Dr Torki you are one of the most important speakers in international conferences for dentistry, can you tell us more about that?


Teaching and sharing knowledge are my passion. I always enjoy teaching dentists from all over the world. Therefore, whenever I’m invited to speak and share my clinical experience anywhere in the world I don’t hesitate a second…. As long as I can free myself!


 9) Dr Torki you opened the Largest and most advanced Dental Center in the world…Can you tell us more about that?


Egypt these days is going through a dramatic economic and technological improvement. This motivated me to help improve the level of Dentistry here and put Egypt as one of the leading countries on the world’s dental map. Especially that most of our patients are foreigners form all over the world, if they take the trouble to travel such long distances for a dental treatment we are obligated to make their travel worthwhile. Provide them with the top dental treatment, latest technology, top luxury, extra care and follow-up. That’s why I made sure all of our staff are PHD, and Master degree holders…and above all they are evidence based clinicians!


 10) In the end what would you like to advice our readers?


One thing…. you are not a customer….You are a patient. So act like one and choose a dentist who will treat you such as!