Eager to work with Tamer Hosny again

In an exclusive statement to What Happens Magazine from the star Zeina about her intention to act with the star Tamer Hosni again in his next film

she said: “Working with my friend and brother Tamer is a pleasure. He is a real supporter to me on the personal level as well as on the professional career level. I pray to Allah that He helps us provide one of the best movies ever. I believe a world-class director like Saeed Al Marouk will be the key success factor for the movie. I was eager to work with him as we are old and close friends. Khaled Al-Sawy and the star Aisha bint Ahmed, whom I love very much, in addition to the comedian Mohammed Salam and all the stars in the movie, are a second factor of success. I won’t forget the large production company New Century and the producer Zaid al-Kurdi as well. I hope we all enjoy working in such a great movie.