Egyptian King Mohamed Salah is to be Pepsi® Brand Ambassador for 2018

Egyptian King Mohamed Salah is to be Pepsi® Brand Ambassador for 2018

Throughout history Pepsi® has brought joy to each generation while connecting fans with the world’s most popular sport, football. Today, Pepsi announces signing a new agreement with Egypt’s most prominent football super star Mohamed Salah. For the third year in a row, Mohamed Salah will act as the Pepsi brand ambassador in the Middle East and North Africa in 2018. From share worthy content with the game’s famed players to unexpected football moments and experiences, there will be more to love and live from Pepsi throughout the year.

Mohamed Salah is a national hero who has made Egypt’s dreams come true, in addition to competing with the highest level world-class players in Europe, whilst quickly joining the ranks of international football elites. He is an example of the hardworking ambitious athlete that never gave up, inspiring Egyptians from all different walks of life. He is a beacon of hope for youth who have big dreams and is an inspiration to many. Through passion, determination and persistence, Mohamed Salah has occupied the hearts of millions of Egyptians who see him as one of them.

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian icon and role model. We are extremely proud of his continuous success and even prouder of the partnership that has been running for the past three years. We aim to keep providing our star and national treasure with our full ongoing support” stated Omar Farid, PepsiCo President, Middle East and North Africa


“I am very pleased that the partnership with Pepsi is continuing for a third year. This year has been my best year on the field so far and it is bound to get more exciting with the remainder of this season and with the National Team” stated Mohamed Salah.

“Our record of success with Salah was the most important factor in our decision to extend our partnership with him for another year. We are enthusiastic and thrilled that this legendary Egyptian footballer will be participating in our upcoming campaigns” stated Hossam Dabbous, Vice President, Beverage Category, PepsiCo, Middle East and North Africa.


With an unexpected twist on the game and an invitation for everyone to play, Pepsi aims to inspire and set good success examples for upcoming generations. Join the conversation with #LOVEITLIVEIT.