Hala Al Saeed

Hala Al Saeed


Tell us how you started your acting career?

I’ve always loved acting ever since I was a young girl, I used to participate in school and college plays. Upon my graduation, I joined many acting workshops, then I applied for a contest for choosing new artists to join Saray Abdeen series, luckily I was chosen by the director Amr Arafa .


Which do you like best, acting or working in the media?

Acting for sure, it’s more like my own character because I always seek change and I have a non-traditional personality, plus, each role is a new and exciting challenge to tackle.


What do you aspire for in the field of acting?

I wish I can be in action/comedy movie. I also hope one day we can have a female leading character in action movie, and lastly, I hope to participate in a musical film.


Which series did you like best in Ramadan 2021?

Le’bet Newton


How was the feedback on your role in Moussa?

I was playing an Armenian girl, so I spent a lot of time studying the speech, and enunciation so I can be as credible and convincing as possible, which has turned out great at the end because the audiences thought I was actually Armenian not an Egyptian, so the reality has surpassed my expectations thank God.



Up-close and personal

What did you study in college?

Political science but right now I’m studying at the higher institute for theatrical arts.


Your favorite hobby?

I like to play the guitar, read and play sports.


What’s your favorite holiday destination?

In Egypt its Gouna and Sahl Hasheesh, abroad, I prefer Paris and the USA


Do you believe in horoscopes?

I don’t believe in luck, but I believe in Energy and the law of attraction…and I’m always optimistic I also believe that what we think about regularly , manifests itself in reality , be it good or bad, so that’s why I think it’s important to be smart enough in life and to keep pursuing our dreams in order to succeed.


Can you consider going for a plastic surgery one day?

I don’t think so, God has created us all beautiful and unique.


What was the best feedback you got on your role in Moussa?

That I was able to portray the character in a realistic and believable manner.

How do you stay in shape?

I practice sports on a daily basis, I eat healthy as much as possible and drink plenty of water.

What’s your favorite dish?

Sushi and sea food