Hani Sarhan


How did you start your script writing career?

It started when I joined Tamer Habib’s writing workshop, then I began working in Mohamed Amin Rady’s workshop, afterwards I made my own debut which was ‘Al ab Al Rohy’ in 2017 which was very successful, then it was followed by Lams Aktaaf, Al fetewwa, and finally an Al Ekhteyar 2

Will there be a third sequel for Al Ekhteyar?

The production company has confirmed it, but the cast and crew haven’t been decided yet.

You have worked on many successful TV series, any plans for cinematic writing?

I’m working on a new film at the moment, details will be revealed soon.


 What was the hardest scene to work on in Al Ekhteyar 2?

The whole series was difficult to work on, and it took us 9 months of constant research, reading and preparation before writing it. However, the most difficult scenes to write were the episode of Mohamed Mabrouk’s martyrdom, and the Wahaat desert operation.

Were you emotionally influenced by the martyrs‘s families while writing?

Yes, I’ve met some of their families to stand on the details of their characters especially Mohamed Mabrook, I was saddened by what happened and never wished for him to die. But that was the reality and it can never be changed.

Which series did you like best in Ramadan 2021?

I didn’t have the chance to watch anything specific, but I’ve seen snippits from Khally Balak Men Zizi, leabet Newton, Hagma Mortadda, Al Qahera-Kabul

What do you aspire for in your career?

The sky is my limit, I’m always thinking about my next step and how to maintain the best possible standard there is. I hope my work remains loved and remembered for years to come.

Who would you like to work with? From directors or actors?

That’s a hard question, but I would love to work with the director Marawan Hamed and Mohamed Yassin, also I’d like to work again with karim Abd El Aziz, Yasser Galal, Ahmad Mekky, Ahmad Helmy and Fathy Abd El Wahab.


Who’s your role model in authorship and script writing?

Osama Anwar Okasha, Waheed Hamed, and Mohsen Zayed.


Can you write a comedy series?

Or in other words, can a drama author work in comedy as well

I love to write in general, I love working on different genres and I don’t really have a preference, right now I’m working on a romantic comedy movie, and even Al ikhtyar had some romantic /comedy moments.


If you were to write biographical film or TV series, who would you write about?

The heroic martyr Ibrahim El Refai

What are your upcoming projects?


I have more than one project at the moment, currently I’m working on a romantic comedy, but my plan for Ramadan isn’t decided yet.


Up-close and personal

What’s your favorite hobby?

I like to collect old type writers and antiques, such as the gramafone, old cassette players, Vedio players and such. They give me this nostalgic feeling. I also love to read.

Names of your kids?

I’m not married and I don’t have children, but I have two dogs, their names are Milo and Dusky.



A daily habit of yours?

Reading, I always read everyday.

Your favorite holiday destination?

Ras sedr

Do you believe in horoscopes?

Not much, but I’m a scorpio and sometimes I like to read about it for fun.

Who do you consult with regards to your work?

I have a group of small friends who I value their opinions very much.


Who are your closest friends from the artistic community ?

Eyad saleh, doaa Abd El wahab and amr kamal


What does the social media mean to you ?

I’m not into it that much, but it’s a good promotional tool for work, and for staying updatesld with the current happenings.


Your favorite talk show?

Amr Adeeb’s.

Something that’s always on your mind that worries you?

My next step.



Your favorite singer?

I like to listen to all singers and all generations.


Who would you have loves to work with from older generations?

Roshdy Abaza, Mahmoud Moray and Nadia Lotfy.


What was the last book you’ve read?

. Hekayatval ganoob by Ahmad Tawfik


How did you spend your time during the covid lockdown ?

It’s almost the same as it was before Covid, I usually spend my time reading, writing, being at the office and watching films.


How would you advise young people who wish to start their acting career?

Study, attend a lot of workshops, try to read and write as much as you can and never give up