Inertia revives the Ramadan spirit for the 3rd year in a row with the “Digital Fasting For Good” initiative

Every 30 minutes of digital fasting, 4 meals will be automatically donated for the unprivileged by Inertia and Egyptian Food bank

Inertia is holding its “Digital Fasting For Good” initiative this Ramadan in cooperation with Egyptian Food Bank for the third time in a row. This year, the initiative is on a bigger and wider scale, implemented in different locations during the 4 weekends of Ramadan; enabling people to spend quality time with their loved ones with limited screen time. Hence, disconnecting to connect with their communities and families.

This initiative will encourage youth and elders to fast from their phones through leaving the prior at safe boxes or a portable charging station inside different partners’ locations. The boxes and the portable station will enable individuals to have less screen time by fasting from their mobile phones that are safely being kept away. And for every 30 minutes a mobile phone is locked, 4 meals will be automatically donated for the unprivileged during the holy month of Ramadan.

This booming initiative has already resulted in the donation of over 1,500 meals in the last 2 weekends; where the activation was kicked off in Crave, Bocca Eatery and Social House, Ayadina, Serena Eatery, Capital promenade and The Platform.

Next weekend, the activation will be held at Crave (Zamalek, Maadi, Arkan) and Serena Eatery (Zamalek, Maadi, Mohandeseen) and Downtown Katamya.

The initiative sparked Inertia’s interest that people are becoming a lot more consumed with their digital presence and decreasingly living the essence of Ramadan. Capitalizing on this, the average phone user touches his/her phone 2,617 time every day, according to a study done by the research firm Dscout. Accordingly, Inertia started the initiative to encourage youth and elders to start having real connections with their society. Thus, disconnect to connect.