It is probably too early to conclude how “lethal” this virus

A priori we planned to do sensitivity analyses based on risk of bias (low v unclear or high).For the primary outcomes we carried out a mixed treatment analysis using a Bayesian network model to compare all interventions simultaneously and to use all available information on treatment effects in a single analysis.21 28 29 Mean differences or log odds ratios were modelled using non informative prior distributions. A normal prior distribution with mean 0 and large variance (10000) was used for each of the trial means or log odds ratios, whereas their between study variance had a uniform prior with range 0 to 2 (admissions) or 0 to 10 (length of stay). These priors were checked for influence with sensitivity analyses.

pandora jewelry Dr. Kettner: Yes, it is appropriate to be concerned by such a statement, but this statement is based on preliminary information. It is probably too early to conclude how “lethal” this virus is until more is known about the spectrum of illness exposure rates, infection rates, proportion with mild and severe illness.. pandora jewelry

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