Karim Afifi

Karim Afifi


Tell us about your education and how you started your career?

I have a bachelor degree from the faculty of commerce, Cairo university. I started my acting career through performing plays at the university’s theatre.


What do you aspire to achieve in your career?

To work on powerful and fascinating projects that will live for years on end.


What are your hobbies?

Swimming and watering the plants


 What is your best personality trait?

I’m kind and I love everyone


How do you deal with social media?

I keep in touch with my fans as much as possible, for I see it as a great tool that helps me connect with them.


How do you spend your vacations?

I like to spend it with my wife and kids at the North Coast, and in the wintertime, we just stay at home or go for walks.


What series did you like best in 2020?

I liked Al Ikhtyar and el brince, but actually there were lots of interesting series this season.


Do you believe in horoscopes?

I believe in fate, but am a saggitrious and most of its traits apply to me


Your favorite dish?

Pasta and chicken


How did you spend your time during the Lockdown of Covid-19?

At the start of it, I did many positive things like working out and dieting. However, after two weeks, I got bored and started eating more than I should.


What advice would you give to our youth?

Pursue your dreams and never lose hope.


Who is your idol?

I don’t really have one, since everyone is different so it’s difficult to choose


What do you think of prank- oriented shows?

They’re popular among the audiences, but they have to be safe enough so they don’t endanger the lives of others.


What do you think of TV series with more than 60 episodes?

That kind of genre is present and is popular to many. Personally, I prefer diversity when to comes to art, and people can get to choose what to watch.

What do you think of Negm el Arab festival whose votes are determined by Gulf Audiences solely?

I was awarded last year for my role in “Weld El Ghalaba” series, and it was such a pleasant event especially because the votes are based on non-Egyptian voters


How do you see the acting workshops in terms of bringing real artists to the scene?

I think they’re very beneficial, provided that they’re given by well experienced coaches.



what are you working on for Ramadan 2021?

Up until this moment I’m preparting for my new project with the Legend Yehia El Fakharany, which is a comedy series titled ‘ Nageeb Zahy Zarkash, which I’m  very excited about it for I’ve always wanted to work with him.


How was the feedback on your play “Aladdin” with Ahmad Ezz?


Many audiences are still coming to the show in spite of the current lockdown situation, which means that it has achieved great success. Thanks to its fascinating theatrical elements from lighting to music, the décor and of course the actor’s performances.


Who are the actors that you’d like to work with?

I’ve always wanted to work with Yehia el Fakharany and I finally did, I hope I can work with Ahmad Ezz , Karim Abd el Aziz and the great Adel Imam.