Khaled Tag Eldin

Khaled Tag Eldin


  • Tell us about your education and how you started your career?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Law from Cairo university, and that’s when i started my music career. I met Amr Mostafa, Nader Abdullah and Ahmed Ali Musa and we participated in the university choir. From then we got to know Hamid al-Shaari and Imad Munib . then I met the singer Nawal Al Zoghbi and it was the first big hit for me, and we worked together on  two songs which were “Habetoh Seneen Towal” and “Tool Omry Bahlam Ya ghaly”.


  • Tell us some snippets from behind the scenes of your new debut “Aadab E’laam”?

It is a rap song and a message addressed to any media personnel working outside Egypt and keep attacking it, so I wanted to use the same approach in replying back to them.


  • Can you write movies or series in the future?

At the moment, I’m not thinking about it.


  • What do you aspire for in your career?

My ambition is to be always active with the singers and with the audience and to achieve success in every work I present.


Up-close and personal


  • What’s your daily habit?

The first thing I do every day is to drink coffee, and one of my most important habits is visiting my mother every Thursday.


  • Who’s your idol?

Al-Mutanabbi, Sayed Hijab and Ahmed Fouad Najm


  • What’s your favorite holiday destination?
  •   Lebanon


  • What’s your favorite dish?
  • Okra with lamb chops.



  • Do you believe in horoscopes?
  •  No, I don’t believe in them, although I’m an Aries.


  • Who’s the person that you turn to for their opinion regarding your lyrics?
  • My wife.



  • What does the Social Media mean to you?
  • A show of work and powerful way of communicating with the audiences, which i really like.


  • Can Khaled be an actor in the future?
  • Even though I acted in a small clip for mother’s day, I don’t think I can be a good actor it’s too difficult for me. But my daughters really know how to act, so they can stand a chance better than me.


  • Which of the late singers would you have loved to work with?
  • Definitely Abdel Halim Hafez, he was the smartest singer who has made great choices and that is why his work is still successful up to now.


  • Who’s your favorite actor?
  •  Adel Imam is a legendary actor and has made great roles
  • Which artist would you like to work with?
  •  Mohammed Munir


  • Tell us about a situation that happened to you in the past and was pivotal in your career?
  • Amr Mostafa and I were just starting our careers, when we came across a production company and wanted to introduce ourselves as a composer and a lyricist and the door was literally shut in our faces by a man who bluntly said that they weren’t interested. That really pushed us to prove ourselves and become really successful.


  • If you were not a lyricist what would would’ve been instead?
  • A music arranger that’s for sure, I understand and know about music as much as I do about poetry.


  • What piece of advice would you give to young people?
  • I advise them to challenge their hard circumstances, and have enough patience and determination for success.


  • Can you perform rap songs on stage?
  • It is possible, but when I have a large number of songs and now I have only 4 rap songs.


  • What do you think of the following:
  • Mahraganat songs?
  •  Like any kind of genre, there are some very good ones and others that are horrible.


  • Talent discovery programs?
  • Some of them present real talents, others are just for “show” purposes.


  • The Arab Star Festival, especially since it is the only Egyptian festival that honors the stars of based on voted of Arab public only, except for the Egyptian audience?
  •  A respected and a credible festival.


  • What are your upcoming projects in 2021?

Hopefully Nancy Ajram I will present with her with 2 songs and that is my first project in 2021