Khalid El Ghandour

Khalid El Ghandour

How did you join the Zamalek Club?

It was back in was in 1986, I took my evaluation but did not pass the first time, I re-did it again and succeeded this time with captain Farouk Jaafar and captain Ahmed Abdul Halim. Later on I travelled to Yugoslavia where I played along with the Zamalek Club  with the team under 17 years of age without being registered as a team member just yet.  Upon our arrival, I was offered to join El Ahly and El Zamalek clubs  and I chose Zamalek. And thankfully, I was the highest ranking player,attainaning many goals across the African and national championships.

  • How many goals have you scored during your career at Zamalek?

  I have scored almost 30 goals or more thankfully. I was one of the highest       scoring players in the history of El Zamalek Club. Alongside Shikabala who has also scored many goals during his time.

  • How many championships have you played in with Zamalek?

  17 championships



  • How many red cards did you take in your football career?

I never got a  direct red card but only once I got two yellow cards during one of the games and it was the Afro-Asian match against a team from Thailand.


  • Have you played for any club other than Zamalek?

 I played for 6 months in the Tersana club , then I played with Kazema Kuwaiti club for a year and we managed to win the Prince’s Cup championship.


Up-close and Personal


  • What is your favorite holiday destination?

Dubai Lebanon and Europe, I am a big fan of travelling.


  • What does social media mean to you?

It is the language of the era and I own one of the strongest pages on social media for sports media . I’m very interested in communicating and interacting with the audience from all the national and Zamalek affiliations and others.


  • What is your best personality trait?

  Generous and self -accepting .


  • A flaw in captain Khalid’s character?



  • Who is Captain Khalid’s favorite singer?

Amr Diab and Hussein Al-Jasmi

  • What was the last book you’ve read?

The book of 100 great men ,among them Prophet Mohamad. I also love reading stories about other prophets and their legacies.

  • What is your favorite meal?

 Three years ago,  I changed my lifestyle, stopped eating all fast food, and adapted a new healthy eating habits.

  • Do you have any business other than the media?

  There’s no other business.

  • Are any of your sons interested in pursuing a career in football?

  My son Youssef plays for Zamalek club, born in 2001, but will continue studying in France in the coming period


  • Why did you stop participating in Television Drama and Films?

I participated in movies and series and presented some good roles such as the El Kbeer Awy series and the film Al-Hasa El Sabaa and others, but I only played myself in these projects- as a football player- and nothing else. That’s why  I decided not to pursue the artistic field and focused on my work as a TV host.


  • Which TV Series did you follow in Ramadan 2021?

Leabet  Newton , the Choice 2 and Khaly Balak Min Zizi.


  • Will you support a European team?

I only support Zamalek club, but I support Liverpool only because of Mohamed Salah


  • What do you think of prank-based shows that feature other football players ?

I don’t like this type of programs and it happened to me once in Ramez Galal’s show and it didn’t end well , but I was offered to participate once more last year and I declined.


  • What do you think of Holding the world cup tournament every two years?
  • I hope we can hold the World Cup every two years or 3 years because the possibilities and the ability to organize a major event with the size and value of the World Cup has become easier and better than the past, and on the other hand, a normal football player career span is  10 to 12 years..  That’s why the establishment of the World Cup every two years gives a greater chance to all players to participate more than once in the World Cup


  • From your point of view, who is the right person to head the Football Association in the next election?

I hope that he is a person who neither belongs to Zamalek or Al Ahli clubs and to be a professional and neutral person.


  • Do you expect Egypt to win the next African Championship or not?

It is very difficult and there are stronger African teams that are better prepared than the Egyptian team.


  • Do you expect Egypt to qualify for the 2022 world cup ?

The road to the World cup is very difficult, but I certainly hope that Egypt will rise to the challenge.


  • Will Fergany renew his contract?

I think Fergany signed a contract with a Qatari or an Emeriti club.


  • Does Zamalek need an African striker as a replacement for Mustafa Mohamed?

  Zamalek needs a striker and player next to Tarek Hamed and Buck right and defender and playmaker


  • Has the Var benefit the Egyptian football?

The technique of the var is highly important and all the clubs benefited from it and Zamalek club benefited from it. Since it was exposed to injustice before that, for the Ahli club used to get more benefits and rights.