Magda Abu El-Soud

Magda Abu El-Soud

Magda Abu El-Soud
Marketing and Communications Manager
At Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences

Ms. Magda Abu El-Soud, you have a long and successful history of work in the field of hotelling and tourism. Could you tell us briefly your career autobiography and when you started work at Hilton Zamalek?

I studied business administration and immediately after graduation I joined the public relations field.

I started as a public relations coordinator and made my way up until I became assistant manager, then a public relations manager of hotel suites at Safir Zamalek Hotel. Then, Hilton management took over in May, 2011. The hotel became Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences. I have been working as the manager of communications and marketing since then.

From your point of view, what are the procedures the state should take to boost tourism?

There are so many, many creative options and things to do to boost tourism. Of course excellent service is fundamental. Exquisite friendly hospitality and knowing exactly what the tourist wants will help greatly in developing the sector of tourism. Needless to say that Egypt enjoys a lot of types of tourism the most outstanding of which are:
Religious tourism
Civilization and history
Medical treatment
Beaches, diving and beach sports
Cultural tourism
Desert and safari
And finally shopping (we can introduce this type of tourism now as there are a lot of new top notch shopping centers that offer international brands and trademarks.)

And definitely, tourism depends greatly on the security and stability of the Egyptian state which has gone through many tough stages of pushing stability that will have its good and positive reflection on tourism.

Is the number of hotels in Cairo greater than the volume of tourist movement or is it enough to meet the needs of tourist market?

Certainly, the number of hotels is enough to fulfill all the needs of the tourist market. There is a large group of renowned international hotels especially the world famous Hilton Hotels which suit all requirements of the tourist market.

How do you see the future of tourism for the coming 5 years?

It will be a flourishing and more brilliant future.

What do you think of competition in the field of hotelling and what should Hilton Zamalek Hotel offer to get the satisfaction and admiration of the greatest possible number of customers?

In spite of the increasing number of international hotels and high quality hotel competitiveness, Hilton Zamalek keeps some special advantages that make it highly competitive. One of these top advantages is its distinguished location in a quiet prestigious spot in one of the widest open areas right by the River Nile. It has breathtaking views of the city and river. It is also near a lot of embassies, foreign organization offices and private companies.

The hotel has 164 rooms and suites. The suites are 76 each with an area ranging from 180 square meters to 360 square meters all of which overlook the Nile. The hotel has 88 rooms most of which overlook the Nile offering spectacular city or river views. The hotel provides its guests and visitors with different types of terrific restaurants that meet all tastes. As for swimming lovers, there is a temperature controlled swimming pool directly overlooking the Nile, open all year round. There is another swimming pool especially equipped for young children where they can feel comfort, safety and protection. As for businessmen. The hotel provides three rooms equiped with the latest audio-visual hi-tech.

We are always working on training our staff at all levels of the hotel to develop their performance and thought to make them well aware of the best ways to deal with the different customs, traditions and cultures of different tourists and better understand their needs and requirements.

Could tell us about the prizes the hotel has won?

The hotel has won a lot of world prizes, the most prominent of which are:


  • World Travel Award for Egypt’s Leading Hotel 2015- 2016
  • Certificate of Excellences by Trip advisor
  • Top Choice by Lianorg2015 -2016
  • Luxury Hotel of the year 2016 by Luxury Travel Guide,
  • Recommended On Holiday Check 2016 award by Holiday Check .


  • The successful implementation of HACCP food Safety Risk Management System
  • Pool Safety Management System
  • Legionella Control Risk management
  • Hilton Zamalek has past the annual surveillance audit conducted by TUV NORD according to the international standard

What about your social activities on the personal level and at work?

The hotel effectively takes part in social activities through making social and development initiatives arising from our feeling of social responsibility towards the world around us. Hilton Zamalek has been pioneering in supporting social issues like street children. The hotel also participates in charitable work and events like visiting 57357 cancer hospital for children and the elderly women’s house on Mother’s Day. The hotel also plays an effective role in eliminating illiteracy and many other things that arise from the feeling of social responsibility and the necessity of interacting with the society.

I myself believe that the social role of the hotel is one of the most important missions of public relations which really shows the special character of the hotel. Keeping the environment safe and clean is also on top of our priorities. We exert a lot of effort to follow administrative techniques that help reduce our consumption of water, electricity and fuel at the hotel.

As for me, I always find myself personally preoccupied with the issues of the society around me and I hope I can contribute to the remedy of anything that can be mended.

What surprise is Hilton Hotel preparing for its customers in Ramadan 2017?

The hotel offers a splendid daily “iftar” at “Nile Breeze Restaurant” which directly overlooks the Nile. This Iftar includes a delicious variety of the famous Ramadan dishes. As for “Sohour”, you can enjoy the exciting Ramadan nights at “The Terrace and Abu Ali” right by the Nile and you can enjoy the mouthwatering Sohour menu that is prepared especially for Ramadan. You can also choose your favourite hubble bubble “shisha” flavor. We also have a dining program that starts at 10 p.m.

Away from work, what are your favourite hobbies, male and female singers?

My favourite hobbies are sport and exercise and keeping pet dogs. My favourite male singer is Amr Diab and my favourite female singer is Shereen Abd El-Wahab.

Who is the drama star whose work you are waiting to see in Ramadan?

Adel Emam

What does fashion mean to you? Do you have a favourite fashion designer?

Fashion means being neat and good looking and my favourite fashion designer is Ely Saab.

What do you think of "What Happens" magazine especially as it holds a festival that is the first one to be based upon the voting of the Arab audience only and held in a different Arab country every year and the second round is to be held in Kuwait?

The magazine content is nicely varied and it has different sections, topics and features. This definitely makes it special and unique. It has articles about tourism, medicine, society, sports and arts. Concerning the festival, it is certainly very special and is characterized by the transparency and credibility of voting which is done by the audiences from all Arab countries.