Mona iraqi


  • Tell us about your education

I have an unusual story regarding my education, because like most of us Arabs we didn’t get to choose our career paths, so I was forced by my father and my high school results to study Accounting at Cairo University. Then I launched my own company at a very young age. Afterwards, I joined the media field by happenstance and found my real passion in studying investigative journalism, and was privileged to work with great professors who saw a great potential in me. After that I went to London to produce my own independent films that won several awards, and finally I presided over a Swiss festival for 3 years.


  • How did you work in the media?

It all came by happenstance when I worked as a television reporter to fill in for another reporter named Soha Al Baghdadi for a Sudanese TV Channel. They got impressed with my performance that they offered me a full time job to report from Egypt. From there, I learned that if I wanted to internationally succeed as a reporter, I had to start it from Egypt first.


  • What are your career ambitions?

After all the success I have achieved outside of Egypt, I hope my program can achieve this same success in Egypt.


  • Tell us more about the start of your career journey?

It started 15 years ago when I worked as a television reporter, then I started shooting and directing independent films that entered several festivals and won, but I was still viewed as TV reporter nonetheless. I then decided to travel and work where I’m feeling appreciated, so I started my production company in London and sold my films to many channels around the world, Just then people here started to recognize me and wanted me to start my TV program ideas, so I came back and worked on El Mestekhaby
(the hidden), Intebah (Attention) and now Al Mohemma (The Mission).



  • What’s your favorite holiday destination?

In the winter time, I prefer to spend it at Dahab or Aswan.


  • Do you believe in luck?

Yes I think it exists, some may call it fate, others see it as God’s blessings, and I agree to the latter.


  • What do you think of Social media, is it harmful or beneficial?

Its shortcut to fame and exposure, especially if you’re working in the media or an actor, it’s a very powerful tool that can boost your image, strengthen or liberate you, or bring you down completely. So it’s a double-edged weapon.

  • What do you think of the Arab Star Festival, given that its awards are only based on votes by gulf audiences?

It’s a well-respected and a prestigious event that I was privileged to have won an award for the best media personnel of the year.


  • What do you think of the Egyptian Media nowadays?

It’s currently facing very rough challenges, and history will determine who can maintain their professionalism at this critical stage.


  • How do you see the way the Egyptians dealt with Corona Virus?

I think they’re divided into two extremes, where some are overly horrified and the others are in complete denial.



  • Can you work on a different Tv Program format other than “EL Mohamma”?

To be objective, I think I offered a very difficult and challenging format that not so many people can do. But I’ve implemented new changes in the program where it shifted from uncovering corruption cases to supporting hardworking ambitious citizens.


  • What was the worst situation that you faced in your program?


That time when I was stuck with an antiquities dealer in and when de the mountain and I was about to die, and when one of the biggest drug dealers opened fire on us. Those were very hard times.