Naglaa Badr

Naglaa Badr



In the beginning, tell us about your studies, and how did you start your career as an actress?


I am a graduate of the Faculty of Mass Communications- Cairo University specializing in advertising and public relations. Professor Yehia El-Alami is the one who advised me to apply to this faculty.


As for my career as an actress, my mother was the general manager of the fashion department in the Egyptian Television, so I was psychologically connected to the Egyptian Television from the days of Professor Fahmi Abdel Hamid and Mamdouh Al-Leithi.


I was at the coulisse of the mega-series such as Raafat El-Haggan, lan aaesh fe gelbab aby and others. When I was a kid, I participated in Nelly and Sherhan show with Samir Ghanem. And then when I was in the last year of my faculty, I started to work as an announcer in ART, Orbit, and other TV channels.


After my work in the media field for so long, I decided to attend actors’ preparation courses. One of my instructors was Mr. Ahmed Kamal who praised me as an actress and told me that I have a real acting talent. I decided then to switch my career to acting and quit my job in the media because it is difficult to combine the two professions.


What do you think of each of the following?

1.     The Egyptian media  Considering my studies in the field, I think media, as a profession, is commercialized, and profit is the first target. This concept has its negative impact on the community because we have a high rate of illiteracy. In Egypt, especially after the open-door policy and the multi- satellite TV channels, there is no meaningful or educational media that directs the public objectively and professionally. The profit has become the main goal for media companies, and illiterate viewers consider TV channels as one of the most credible sources of information. That’s why I think that the media has a negative impact on society especially after the revolution; knowledgeable viewers can go back to books, but for those who are illiterate, the media created an atmosphere of confusion and contradiction.


2.     The great number of serials in Ramadan?

A double-edged sword! The serials have their advantage of being a source of income for a large number of workers; however, I wish we can distribute serials throughout the year in order to avoid their accumulation in one month, which leads to the loss of some serials and channels

 3.     What do you think of Syrian and Turkish serials and the difference between them and Egyptian series?


There is a big difference between them because, originally, there are different customs and traditions. We all have great serials, but Egyptian serials are the most viewed in the Arab countries.


4.     Serials that have more than a hundred episodes?


I personally do not have time to watch 100 episodes because of my job, but there are some housewives who may have time to watch them. Personally, I prefer serials with a quick story in 7 episodes rather than series of 100+ episodes with the same director and same cast. Life has become more rapid; we should create opportunities for more people to work within a single series.



5.     What are your business plans in Ramadan 2019?


Only one series in Ramadan with Mustafa Shaaban, Diab, Mahmoud Bzawi and Aysha bin Ahmed. It is produced by Synergy and directed by Ahmed Saleh whom I love working with because he is a really distinctive director.



6.     Why is Najla Badr far from the cinema?

 I was searching for a suitable role, and there will be a new project soon  


1-     What are your career dreams?

 I’m a big fan of the American and European cinema, and there is a big difference between our works and theirs. I’m hoping that one day we can have the same possibilities and capabilities of the American and European cinema.



2-     In your opinion, what is the role that well-presents Najla Badr to the public?

I think Taraf Talet and Hekayet Haya. However, some other viewers prefer Setat Aadra, and still others pefer Reshet Naam, so I can’t really choose a specific role.


3-     Which actors/actresses are you eager to work with?

 Ahmed Helmy, Karim Abdel-aziz, Khaled El-Nabawy, Mahmoud Hemeeda, Yasmin Abdel-Aziz, Mona Zaky, Menna Shalaby, and others. The Egyptian stars are a lot.


4-     Apart from work, what are your hobbies? Reading? Where do you love traveling to? 

I am very attached to Italy, and, in Latin America, I love Argentina as it has a nice spirit. I also love Greece.


5-     Who is your favorite fashion designer?


Each one of them has his or her fashion line. I like to keep up with all fashion designers.

6-     What is your favorite dish?

Green soup and stuffed grape leaves.

7-     How do you deal with the rumors?  

 If these rumors spoiled my relations with others, like if someone said something on my behalf so people get mad at me, I should intervene. But I don’t care if rumors hurt me personally, like if I traveled or got married and so on.



8-     How do you deal with social media?

 I deal cautiously with it because, in Egypt, I think we use the social media incorrectly.

9-     Who is your secret-keeper?  Allah


10-      Who is your closest friend in your work environment?

 The director Mariem Ahmady and almost all the actors/actresses

 11-      Who do you think from the past celebrities is similar to Naglaa Badr?

  It is difficult for me to choose. My fans could say that. However, I love Shadia, Madiha Kamel, Faten Hamama, and others. Each actress has her own distinctive qualities.

12-      What is the most beautiful aspect of fame? People’s love

13-      If you weren’t an actress, what would you have wanted to be? Interior designer

14-      What do you think of the Star of the Arabs’ Festival?

 I think it’s a very good idea because it’s very specialized. It helps us discover the Arabs’ opinions. I hope the voting is genuine.

15-      To whom do you say, “I miss you”? 

To my father, may he rest in peace

16-      To whom do you say, “you’re a talented actor/actress”?

 To Khaled El-Nabawy, Kareem Abdelaziz, Ahmed El-Sakka, Ahmed Ezz, Menna Shalabi, Nelli Kareem, and others. We have a lot of talents. By/ Mohamed Farid