Nedal El Shafei

Nedal El Shafei

Tell us about your education and how you started your career?


I graduated from the higher institute for theatrical arts, department of acting and directing, upon my graduation I worked at the Ministry’s theatre and performed numerous plays for the youth. Afterwards I decided to study at the Center of artistic creativity by Mr. Khaled Galal for 3 years and performed a number of plays there too among them was “Hoboot Edterary” that later won the judge’s award for the International Festival for Experimental Theatre. During that time, I got to know Sandra Nashaat the well- known director, and we worked together on “Malaky Eskendereya”. Then I met the great director Mr Sherif Arafa and performed the sitcom Tamer and Shawqeya which was my first popular debut… and I’ve become a professional actor ever since.



How did the people of Sinai perceive your role at Al Ikhteyar Movie?

I was very thrilled to be part of this series, and thankfully it was a great success, and I think my role was a testament to the heroic stories of these people who sacrificed a lot for this country, and I received a fantastic feedback from people who contacted me personally and expressed their admiration. And I would like to thank the stars Karim Abd El Aziz and Ahmad Mekky, and the amazing author Hany Sarhaan, Peter Mimi-our director, and of course, The production Company Synergy for their trust. Personally, I think this role is a pivotal step in my career.



What can u say about your role in Hagma Mortadda Series?

My very first role was with the star Ahmad Ezz who I consider as my big brother, that’s why I was so thrilled to be joining them alongside Hend Sabry and the Director Ahmad Alaa. Especially when the series is based on a true story by our National Security, and this type of work is very crucial to raising awareness among today’s youth and I’m happy that the series was successful.



Which would you pick?


To star in a comedy or a drama series?

I choose the better script quality, for I feel responsible towards my choices and how people perceive them.


To star in a sitcom or a play?

That’s a difficult and confusing thing to choose. The theatre has its own glamour and a very special place in my heart, and I was honored to star alongside the great Yahia el Fakharany titles” King Lear”  and it was a major hit…as for the sitcoms, I hope I can find a good script such as tamer and shawqeya.



To participate in a radio show or a TV series?

They’re both equally enticing and amazing to work in…I hope I can do both



Are you satisfied with the audience’s feedback on the movie Zenzana 7?

I was so excited to work with my lifetime friend Ahamad Zaher despite the hardships we faced due to Covid- 19 , but the movie has made good revenue inside and outside of Egypt.


Which was your favorite series this Ramadan?

Definitely Al Ekhteyar 2, for it’s considered a documentary that’s made with a high level of professionalism.


What do you aspire for in your career?

The sky is my limit, and I hope I can always inspire and positively affect people’s lives.


Who would you like to work with from directors and actors?

I hope I can work with Nader Galal, Morkos Adel, Mr Tarek Al Iryan,Ahmad El guindy, and Moataz El Touny. As for my fellow actors, I wish I can work with Ahmad Helmy, Karim Abd El Aziz, and ofcourse I would love to work again with the previous cast and crew I’ve worked with before.



Up-Close and Personal


What’s your favorite hobby?

Playing at the gym, reading and watching movies.


A daily habit of yours?

Listening to audio books online.


Your favorite holiday destination?

Sharm El Sheikh and El Gouna.


Do you believe in horoscopes?

No, I don’t.


Who helps you decide your future roles?

My wife and my close friends


Who are your closest friends from the artistic space?

All the ones that I’ve worked with , such as Ahmad El Sakka, Ahmad Ezz, Ahmad Zaher, Ahmad Rezk, Ahmad El Saadany, Mahmoud El Bezaawy, Edward, Mohamad Imam, Ahmad El Tohamy, Mohamad Gomaa and Morkos Adel the director.


What does the social media mean to you?

It’s becoming increasingly important these days and I started using it lately to connect with the people.


Who’s your favorite singer?

I like Fayrouz and um Kulthum. From the modern times, I like Shereen, Assala, Angham, Nancy Agram, Tamer Hosny, Amr Diab.


Your favorite Tv show?

Al Hekaya by Amr Adeeb.


What do you think of Negm El Arab festival?

It was born great, well respected and credible and I’m honored to have been awarded at the festival, I hope it can grow to be even more successful in the future.


A word to the President Abd El Fattah Al Sisi for his kind gesture towards Sherif Al Dessouki?

He is a real leader and a father to us all, and he’s always been very supportive to all my fellow artists and actors. We will never forget when he praised the movie “Al Mamar” and said we needed to produce more movies like this to enhance the sense of belonging for the youth and upcoming generations towards their country.