Nesma airlines

Nesma airlines

Nesma Airlines is a privately owned Egyptian company, set up according to the Egypatian law of companies, and has been in the Egyptian air transport market since 2010. The company has got the certificate of competence as a passenger air transport operator from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority since 2010 endorsing it to operate regular scheduled flights to many cities in Saudi A rabia and charter flights to European destinations.

Safety and quality requirements in Nesma Airlines meet international standards, so the company is an approved member in the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Moreover, Nesma has succeeded in getting a renewal of (IOSA) accreditation certificate for the second time consecutively after passing inspection and check measures conducted by the English company “Wake QA”, one of 8 companies in the world authorized by (IATA) to carry out inspection measures on airline companies seeking international accreditaion certificate of international safety and quality standards. These criteria are specific and accurate and Nesma Airlines company activies in all fields have been inspected including direct operations on planes like air operations , safety, maintenance, security, ground service airport service and service on the plane.

In addition to this success, Nesma could make a great achievement that could be obtained only by great international companies. The company operations are corresponding to all requirements of safety management system which assure high standard of safety on the ground and in the air. This is a level that not many companies are able to achieve.

Nesma airlines cooperates with international companies to guarantee the highest standard of service. For example, the company signed a contract with “Lufthansa” 5 years ago to supply the maintenance department with all the necessary spare parts it needs to assure the continuity of operation in accordance with European Union accredited certificates. The company also carries out large maintenance inspections in international accredited maintenance and service centers.

Throughout the company’s work life span which is nearly 6 years now, Nesma company has carried out 56,017:48:00 flying hours and transported 20,423,908 passengers on 4,159 flights to European airports and 11,482 flights to Saudi Arabian airports .