Noreen Kareem

Noreen Kareem

First of all, congratulations on your brilliant TV series "Taqet Nour" (A Resource of Light.) What would you like to say to your fans who reacted to the role of "Hassibah" and loved you so much?

My fans are the reason behind my success and fame. I tried to do my best and Allah endowed me with this great success and fame for the sake of these great fans.

Would you please introduce yourself to our readers and your fans and tell us when you started acting? And what are the roles you have done so far?

I started acting when I was very young. I have been acting all stages of my life, but I became a professional actress only 10 years ago. I have worked with a group of directors and learnt a lot from them all. Thanks to them now that now I have experience enough to work as a professional actress. I presented a lot of roles; the latest are my roles in “El-Sabaa Wassaya” (The Seven Commandments) and “Shatarang ” (Chess).

Who recommended you for the role of "Hassibah"? And what happened behind the scenes while preparing for the role?

The writer of the series Mr. Hassanein Bassam introduced me to the director Raouf Hassaan. All the people behind the scenes saw my success, but I was the only one who didn’t. After my first scene, Ehab Fahmy said to me,” Oh great star. Tomorrow you will make it and hit great success, you will see.” Ehab Fahmy was the first one to tell me I would succeed. The first day of shooting I had 12 scenes. At the end of the day, I sat alone and started to cry without knowing why. But now I know the reason. I was influenced by the character of “Hassibah” and I felt I was a different person.

What are the works that you liked most in Ramadan 2017?

The TV series “30 Youm ” and “Dzel El-Ra’ies”

In the coming period, shall we see Noreen in roles different from "Hassibah" or the producers and the fans like to see you in bold roles like that of "Hassibah"?

I don’t like to repeat the same character and I want to present different new roles.

What are the movies displayed at cinemas at the season of Eid El-Fitr that you liked most?

Up till now I haven’t watched any movies, but I’d like to see the movies of Ahmed El-Saqqa and Mohamed Ramadan.

Away from art:

What’s your favourite hobby?
Travel and cycling.

Are you a bold person that takes risks?
I have a strong character.

Are you a romantic person?
I’m very romantic and passionate.

The most important thing you are always keen on keeping in your handbag?
My make up kit and my rosary.

A daily habit in your life?
Drinking warm water with honey and in winter I walk for an hour every day.

What is the best thing about being famous?
You usually have more chances of work.

And what about the worst part about it?
It puts limits to your freedom. I’m always required to be smiling all the time even if I’m annoyed or not in a good mood.

Who of the artists have called you to congratulate you on your success in the role of “Hassibah”
A lot of artists and great names in the world of art. I prefer not to mention them by name so as not to forget anyone.

What is your artistic ambition?
I look forward to presenting different and distinguished roles that make great success and get the fans’ approval.

What do you think your best character trait is?
Insistence on success.

And what about your character flaw?
Nervousness. What ‘s your opinion on “What Happens Festival” knowing that it is based on voting by audience from the Arab countries only and the next round

will be held in Kuwait?
This is very important and great effort. It is very important for us to know the opinions of the Arab audience as this is a wider scale to measure the volume of the artists’ success.’

Give me the name of an artist you would like to work with.
Mahmoud Hemeida, Khaled El-Nabawy and Fathi Abd El-Wahab. I believe he is an actor whose potentials are undiscovered yet.

Noreen Karim's Opinions

What do you think of the Sysrian drama?
It presents massive production and nice picture, but we have very clever artists.

What about the Egyptian Theater?
The theater goes through hard times now and I think the economic situation might be the reason behind it or may be the great development of the drama. People are now waiting for the works of drama to be presented at home on TV channels. As for “Teatro Masr” (Egypt’s Theater), I think it is successful because it is displayed on TV channels.

What do you think of the prank shows that trick famous artists and media fifures?
I believe that they are a double-edged weapon. Any artist who is not previously aware of the situation they get involved in shouldn’t be criticised for their reactions. As for the artist who is informed about the situation before shooting, then they deserve to be criticised.

What would you like to say to those who used to disappoint and discourage you?
Thank God “Alhamdu Lillah” I have achieved success.

Is it possible that you may sing in a TV series?
Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible that you present roles in plays at the theater?
Yes, it is.

Could you present a comic character?
Yes. If the script itself makes you laugh.

At the end of our talk, who would you like to send a love and thank you message?
I’d like to send this message to the director of “Taqet Nour” series Mr. Hassanein and the writer Mr Raouf abd El-Aziz. I feel I owe them very much and I will not forget that they are the main reason behind my success.

A word you would like to say to the artist Hani Salama?
Thank you very much for helpin and supporting me. You are really the son of very decent people.