Rania A’atef

Rania A’atef

Everyone can easily observe the efforts exerted to support tourism and hotelling as this sector is one of the main pillars of the Egptian economy. Accordingly, it has become more and more important to benefit by the available expeience of every expert in this field which gains more importance and focus every single day. So, we've had this interesting and fruitful interview with Ms. Rania A'atef, public relations and marketing manager at Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay.

– Would you please talk about your history in the field of tourism and hotelling?

I was lucky and happy to join this field of work as early as 2002. Since then I have worked for international hotel series like “Le Meridian”, “Grand Hayat”, “Intercontinental” and finally “Kempinski Hotels.” I also was honoured to work with one of the symbols of tourism in Egypt, Africa and the Arab World, Ms. Azza Serry. I worked in her company which is a consultant for many hotels and tourist projects.

– What are the steps the administration of Kempinski Suma Bay follows to attract more tourists with this current difficult situation in tourism?

We work on parallel lines to attract more tourists from new intrnational markets, the European market in addition to focusing on local Egyptian market which is characterized by its great stability and isn’t influenced by any of the events and calls for riot and other things which aim at the failure of the tourism sector in Egypt.

– From your point of view, what are the steps the government should take to boost tourism?

The government has a great part to play. First, they have to handle the problem in a professional way when any riots occur. They should also have long term plans for tourist seasons and search for professional international marketing companies. They should provide these companies with our offers early enough before any important season or event. They should do good follow up to evaluate the return of these marketing campaigns. However, we unfortunately lack planning and start moving in the last minute. We are also required to stop repeating the same marketing messages or getting satisfied with the “tannourah” show and wearing the pharonic costumes during tourist exhibitions. All this must stop especially we have all the potentials needed for any kind of tourism. We have all types of tourism. Allah has endowed us with impressive nature. We have beautiful summer and winter beaches, international diving centers and even high mountains for climbers. We have pharonic, coptic and Islamic monuments. We have all the potentials and requirements needed for conference tourism, safari and oases as well as medical treatment tourism. The only thing we don’t have is ice sports.

– How do you see the future of tourism in the next five years?

I’m a naturally optimistic person. This is not baseless or out of nothing. The Almighty Allah mentions Egypt in the Holy Quran and the Bible. I always believe that Allah protects Egypt and In Shaa Allah we wil restore our prime position in regional and internatinal tourism soon.

– How do you see competition in the field of hotelling?

I believe it is a fair competition among all companies and hotels and it is all to the benefit of the tourists and guests.

– What does your hotel offer to keep up competing with other hotels?

I feel proud and honoured that I work for this luxuriant and splendid category hotel. It is characterized by the luxury and welfare it offers the guests. It has a magical 400-meter beach of fine sand and the taste of the food our restaurants offer is unique. All our Egyptian and foreign gusts always express their satisfaction and approval of our excellent delicious dishes. They are always unprecedented experiences for them to remember.

– Why didn’t you make use of the success of your works of art during your childhood and you decided to keep away from the world of art?

Ever since I was young, I’ve always frequently said that I would leave the field of art when I grow up. This is for some reasons. First of all, I don’t like to present any work that I’m not satisfied with especially that it would be my main source of income. Secondly, I wanted to leave the audience with a good memory of mine. I prefer to lead a quiet life with my family and friends away from spot lights of fame.

– What do you think of What Happens Festival which honours creative artists based on voting by audience from the Gulf states?

It is a wonderful idea as the Gulf audience are of the best followers of works of art and enjoy high sense for Arab as well as international works of art.

– Who are your favorite actor and actress? Who are your favorite male and female singers? Which movie and TV series you admired in 2017? What is your daily habit that you are always keen to do? What is your favorite place to go on holiday there?

As for the old generation, I love the giant Mr. Fouad El-Mohandes, Souad Hosny, Om Kolthoumand Abd El-Halim Hafez.

From the new generation, I like Karim Abd- El-aziz, Mona Zaki Ragheb Alama and Amal Maher.