Sherif Mekkawy

Sherif Mekkawy
  • In the beginning, tell me about your studies and your entry into the music world?


I have an American diploma from the Future American School, and I studied civil aviation, so I am supposed to be a pilot. My beginning in the world of music was during my civil aviation studies. My father was a businessman and had nothing to do with art, but he established a music production company for my uncle. When I was a kid, I was always with my uncle in the studio, and I attended all the concerts. My uncle was producing for Hassan El-Asmar, Khaled Agag, Asia, Walid Tawfiq, and other singers, so I knew the meanings of music, distributor, composer, and poet since I was young. Since then, I have always loved music. When I grew up, I achieved my first dream which is to study aviation. I met Mr Ahmed Effat, the owner of K2 company, by chance. He heard my voice and told me that I should sing because I have a great voice and my style is different. So then I started focusing on music, and I met Tarek Madkur when I was 16 year. Then I made the songs “Ezay Habetny”, “Amoot W Aaraf”, and “Youm W Youm” and I got to know amazing composers and poets. When I produced my first album, I was 17 years old; at this time, there were great stars such as Ihab Tawfiq, Amr Diab, Mohamed Fouad, and Mostafa Qamar, so it was a great surprise to achieve great success with “Ezay Habetny” when I was 17 years old among all these stars.

Sherif Mekkawy’s opinions on:


  • What do you think of talent discovery programs?


Anyone who has talent no matter what if it’s art or singing or drawing or any other talent, things became easier than the past for them, and it is easier to show your talent to the audience now. I believe that the audience is the judge to your success and continuity, and talent discovery programs achieve high views, so whoever has a talent can reach people faster through these talents. And even if he or she does not win the show, it helps him or her present himself or herself to the public, but he or she must keep singing and developing himself or herself so that he or she can acquire artistic intelligence and become able to continue in the singing path.


  • What do you think of Social Media?


I see that it is a very great thing; although there is a negative aspect to it, it has made a lot of things easier to many people that were difficult in the past: It became easy to get information quickly and to communicate with people and know their opinions on your work.


  • What do you think of the What Happens festival, especially since it is based on the vote of the Gulf public, excluding the Egyptian audience, which means that it honors every Egyptian artist who achieves success on the level of the Arab world only?


My testimony on this festival is unbiased, but this festival is one of the greatest and most successful ideas presented to the Egyptian artists. Moreover, the organization of the festival was special and successful, and the votes were real, and the idea of the festival is that the Arab audience is the one that honors the Egyptian artists. This is a great thing, and it brings us closer to the Arab audience. To be honored by people from other countries is an amazing thing; it is a great honor for us, and I personally wish to see the What Happens festival one of the most successful festivals in the world.Away from art

  • If you were not an artist, what would you have liked to be?

I never imagined anything other than music, but I love cooking, and I like being a chef.

  • What is your hobby away from music?

I love playing football, and I love reading.

  • Who will win the Africa Cup of Nations?

Egypt and, in the second place, I wish for any Arab team to win.

  • Where do you like to go for summer vacation?

I love America and Europe, and I love Gouna, Hurgada, and the coast with friends.

  • Are you romantic?


  • Do you believe in zodiac signs?

Four years ago, I found out that they had nothing to do with science, so I lost faith in them.

  • A daily habit in your life?

Going to the gym, reading, and drinking coffee.

  • Favorite food?

Rice and potatoes.

  • Which do you do more: sitting at home or going out with friends?

Sitting in the studio is what I do most, but I go out with friends less.


In art

  • You acted in the Karaoke movie; would you act again?

I enjoyed acting very much, but it’s going to hinder me as a distributor, so I don’t think it’s going to happen again.

  • You made 3 song albums, so, in the future, will Sherif perform any singles or albums?

I’ve completely quit singing.

  • What about your upcoming artwork? What work have you done in 2019 so far?

Tamer Hosni, Rami Gamal, Haitham Shaker, Sharnouby, Elisa, and some new young faces. I am also working with Algereny on a great song; I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I have already worked in 2019 with Sharnouby and Haifa Wahby, and I worked with Hamaki on the 500500 advertisement.

  • What are your ambitions in the music world?

I dream of changing and developing music in a way that makes us on level with the whole world, and I always dream of producing music that all audiences like.

  • What is the song that you have provided as a distributor which achieved great success?

The song of “Horoob Edterary” was a life-changer and so was my work with Tamer Hosni especially his song “W Akheeran”. Also, Sharnouby’s song “Khallany Be’edt” made a great difference.


  • Which singers would you like to work with that you haven’t already?

Elhamdulellah, I’ve worked with top stars such as Tamer Hosni, Amr Diab, Hamaki, and Elisa, but I wish I could work with any star I haven’t worked with yet like Nancy Ajram, Sherien, Hussein Al Jasmi, and any other star I still haven’t worked with.

People in your life:

  • Who are your secret keepers?

My wife, sister, and my friend Mustapha Shehata who is my friend since childhood.

  • Who do you take the opinion of on your work?

I take the opinion of anyone especially if he or she is not a professional artist because in music in particular you must impress the largest number of people possible.

  • Would you like your son to be a singer?

I have two daughters, and I will never prevent any one of them from practicing any talent or profession in any field they choose.

  • Who are your closest friends in the art community?

Amr Mostafa, Tamer Hussein, Tamer Hosni, Sherif Mukhtar, Rami Gamal, Ahmed Hussein, and distributor Ahmed Ibrahim.