Taif Season Attracts More Than 750,000 Visitors in First 10 Days

The organizing committee for Taif Season, which runs until the end of August, announced it has seen huge demand for all four main areas, with more than 750,000 people visiting in the first 10 days of the festival.

Taif Season features more than 70 quality events across the four major sites – Souk Okaz, the Crown Prince’s Camel Festival, the Village of Roses, and the Al-Baid Masters, which includes mountain hiking events – and accompanying activities, such as the Marathon of Colours, tours, and shopping festivals.

Taif season is designed to highlight the city’s status as one of the most important Arab tourist destinations, focusing on its cultural and historic diversity, and its clement weather and abundance of natural produce. The season also aims to boost interaction with the local community, providing seasonal jobs and investment opportunities for entrepreneurs, enterprises, and SMEs.

More information on Taif Season can be found at the Saudi Seasons website, saudiseasons.sa, or people can interact with the festival, experience the atmosphere and find out more details of events on the Taif Season social media accounts.