Tamer Hussein a world patriotic and romantic poet

Tamer Hussein a world patriotic and romantic poet

Could you tell us about your start in the world of poetry and how it all began?

I used to sing and dream of being a singer. I liked poetry so much and I wrote new lyrics besed on Amr Diab and Hesham Abbas songs. I asked my friends for their opinions and they expressed their admiration and approved of them very much. This gave me confidence and trust in myself. In 2004 I got acquiainted with the composer, Amr Mostafa and he was convinced with my talent and supported me. My first song “Come to Me Your Hands in Mine” in Arabic “Ta’alo Ideiko fi Idaya” was for the singer, Mohamed Kilany based on Sayed Darweesh tune for the song “Visit Me Even Once a Year” in Arabic “Zorony Kol Sana Marra.” My second song was for the singer Hussam Habib in his album, “The Most Beautiful Love Story” in Arabic “Agmal Qesset Hob”. In 2007 I presented 7 songs in Amr Mostafa’s album and I started to write a variety of songs. “You Struck My Thought” in Arabic “Geit Ala Baly” for the singer, A’amer Monib was one of these songs.

Is it possible?

Is it possible that you enter the world of acting and singing?
At the beginning I used to dream of becoming a singer and used to present songs with my voice on You tube. They were received with good impression and were welcome by people. But now I don’t think of singing as it needs a lot of time and propaganda. As for acting, I don’t think I will try it because I don’t feel I have the gift or talent needed for being a successful actor.

Is it possible that you write movie and serial scripts?
I already have some ideas for films and serials and I will present a movie soon. Ihave thoughts that can’t be expressed through songs, but are suitable for other forms of art like movies or serials.

Who is the actor you dream of to act in the first movie of yours?

Ahmed Helmy

Is it possible that you write pop or festival songs?

Festival songs, no. But I dream of writing a pop song for Adaweya or Hakim.

About your works:

Which song didn’t you expect to succeed, but became a great hit?

God knows whether any song I present would succeed or not, but there was a song that was great success which I didn’t expect. It is “maadarsh ana” “I can’t” for Amr Diab. It is a mid album song, but it made great unexpected success. “Ya Massryeen” in Arabic “Oh, Egyptians” for Amal Maher was also a great unexpected success.

From your point of view, which is your best song in 2016?

The audience say “Maak Qalby” in Arabic “you have my heart” and “Rage’a” ” coming back” and “Amentak” ” I have trusted you.”
Is there any song you have written, but you are not satisfied with?
Thank God, all my songs have been successful and made good views on You-tube. But I might be offered a tune that I’m not convinced with while the singer and composer have opinions that are different from mine.

What are your artistic ambitions?

That I leave my characteristc influence in the field of pop song of the original Egyptian style. My ambition is also to present young Egyptian voices like Rana Samaha, Mohamed Abbas, Mina Atta and Mohamed Shaheen. I also have an ambition to present distinguished works for the cinema.

Special people in your life

Which people do you ftrst ask their opinions about your songs?

Tell us the name of a male or female singer you would like to work with.
Mohamed Mounir or Mohamed Mohie.

Imagine that we are now in the beautiful old days of elevated fine art, who would you expect to have a phone call from asking you to write a song for them?

Would it be Abdul Wahab, Abd El Halim, Mohamed Fawzy or who else?

Abdul halim hafez. I have the spirit of Abd El Halim and I love him so much. I write Abd El Halim style romantic songs such as ” Yom Ma Etqabelna” “The Day We Met.”

Amr Diab

Could you tell us about your first song for Amr Diab? How was it?

I have known Amr Diab since 2007. I offered him the song “Barga’a Be’omri” “I Return to My Old Days”, but we didn’t have enough time to do it. Then we met again in 2009 when he liked the song ” Makontesh Nawi Awada’ak” “I Didn’t Intend to Bid You Farewell”. However, the song was leaked and wasn’t included in the album. Then he asked me to write him an album head song and I presented “Wayyah” ” With Him” and it was a great success. This was my start with amr diab. When he presented me on the stage in my first concert with him, my legs were shakig when I saw the audience.

What is the difference between the legend, Amr Diab and any other singer?

Amr Diab has very large audience everywhere. The audience treat his team the same way they treat Amr Diab himself. When I travel to Jordan, I get surprised that a lot of people there know me.

Is working with Amr Diab more difficult than any other singer?

It’s the easiest and most difficult at the same time. He has got an advantage. When he is offered a song he makes up his mind immediately. He sees the song whether good or not from the very first moment. Other singers may take a whole week to listen to the song then they take their decision to do it or not.

What have you leaened from Amr Diab?

So many tghings. The most important thing is dedication, and devotion to work. He is a very modest person and is never arrogant, haughty or conceited despite his great success.

Away from art.

What are your favourite hobbies?
Sports, football and the gym
Which European team are you fan of?
Who is the player you liked most in the Egyptian team during the CAN?
Essam El Hadary.
What is your academic field of study?
A daily habit?
Doing sports.

Has the romantic song disappeared and has the festival song become more succesful nowadays?

This is a fact because the general taste has changed and the festival song has become more favorable and popular with young people than youthful songs.

What do you think of "What Happens Festival" as it is especially based on a vote from the Arab audience only?

It is a very beautiful thing to know the opinions of the Arab audience. Actually, when I travel abroad I feel I have achieved great success.
Have you worked with simgers from Arab countries?
Yes, I worked with Ahmed El Sherif from Tunisia and Abd El Fattah El Greiny.

What is your advice to the youth?

The best thing is that they do their best to fulfill their dreams when they are still young. Their self confidence is great and they have great hope for the future for 10 years to come.

And finally, an exclusive news about you especially for our magazine and our readers.

There is a song for Assala and a song for Nancy Agram and ,God willing, I will work with new people next year.