Tareq Lotfy

Tareq Lotfy

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1- In the beginning, if our star, Tareq Lotfy opened his heart and spoke openly and frankly, what would you say to your fans?

  • You are wonderful people who have always stood by me and felt happy for me every time I achieve success. There are people who really give me extraordinary support. There are also many others who support me on the facebook. My eyes are set on them all the time and I really love them and thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

2- – There are too many TV serials in Ramadan. What do you think?

– This is a market that is subject to demand and supply. It is a very cruel market with a huge amount of finance. The advertisements and propaganda presented in Ramadan are enormous. There should be other marathons and seasons all year round, not in Ramadan only. However, at present the serials that are presented in other seasons compromise only 40%. They are of course long serials exceeding 30 episodes and sometimes reach 60 or even 100. These serials have a problem that thier production is influenced by their length and big number of episodes. I think the coming years will witness serials presented at times other than the season of Ramadan.

3- We have heard lately that many works quitted the Ramadan marathon. Why?

– Every serial has its circumstances. That is to say there is no general reason that applies the same way to all of them.

4-What is your favourite hobby?

– Collecting antiques. I like collecting paintings and I’m a good listener and reader. I listen to music and I love books and novels. I’m even a member in the group “Assir El Kotob” which publishes the most important books and useful novels available.

5-Would you like your son to be an actor like you?

  • My son? No. this is a very tough career and it always gets on my nerves. I’m always busy shooting and working and tense all the time. If I present a successful work, I get tense and anxious and that makes me think again and again before accepting another work as it should be the same level or better. And if the work fails, you are normally tense again and not satisfied. Besides, I can’t have the chance to enjoy myself. Public figures don’t usually have the freedom to live their own lives. They lead a difficult life. This of course has its impact on my children because we can’t go out and enjoy ourselves together. Howver, I try my best to have a normal life with them as much as I could.

6-A situation that influenced your career in acting?

  • The period after 25th january and the Muslim Brotherhood trying to control the state. I decided to leave the country and quit art because I felt that we were heading towards the unknown. So I decided to travel abroad, but when I was offered a role in “Maa Sabq El Essrar,” “Premeditated”, it was a very important turning point for me because it made me change my mind about leaving.

7-The best role or roles dearest to your heart?

All my roles are dear to me and I love them all, but the role I love most is my role in “Maa Sabq El Essrar,” “Premeditated.” It is the role of an interesting but wicked swindler and my role in “Aad Tanazoly,” “Countdown” as a police officer who has a dilemma and my role in “Baad El Bedaya,” “After the Start.”

8- If you thought of doing a biographical TV serial, whose biography would you do?

Yes, of course. I’d like to do a biography of the head of the Assassins Group. There is a movie project for this character with Adel Adib. I think it is very important to know our history and learn and benefit from it very well.

9-Who has had the most influence on your career?

  • Aatef El Tayyeb is one of the people who have had great influence on me and I learnt a lot from him.

10 -Important people in the life of Tareq LotfyThe director Mohamed Samy?

– Mohamed samy is one of the most talented directors at present. He is bold and has helped me become bold too. He has always encouraged me not be afraid of people’s reactions . I used to be a conservative person, but he made me more daring. I love him so much.

11- 5- Important people in the life of Tareq Lotfy Mahmoud Abd El Aziz?

– He was a great man before being an artist. If he felt love for anybody, he would express this love in all possible ways and if he felt hatred for anyone, he would keep away from them. He had a great and unique personality and was a real father for everyone of his friends. The day he passsed away was very tough time.