The beautiful Television Host Basma Wahba

The beautiful Television Host Basma Wahba


  1. Please update us on your current health status?

I thank God that I’m fine now, but I’m scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy in London once the lockdown is over.


  1. How did you start working in the media?

I’ve always wanted to work in the media, so I had a programme idea that I pitched to the ART group administration, which they loved and it started airing on Iqraa’ TV channel, I was veiled at the time, and it wasn’t a religious program, but rather a social one, and it was a great success from its very beginning.


  1. What do you aspire for in the media field?

I hope I can maintain my success for years to come, and I’d also like to interview certain celebrities who never shared aspects about themselves to the public before, such as the Queen Ahlam or the super star Sherine Abd El Wahab. It’s an attempt to allow the audiences to see them in a different light, as they were never seen before.


  1. Who’s your idol in the media?

I was honored to be the student of the late Mahmoud Sultan, he’s my mentor and idol. I also highly esteem Mahmoud Saad and Ibrahim Eissa, which I’ve previously worked with in the past, and not everyone knows about this.


  1. Which type of program genre is favorable to you?

Since you’ve worked on social, political and celebrity talk shows. Social programs are my favorite, I like to be close to people and listen to their problems while helping them as well. I was able to prove I was the best at it.


  1. What was the hardest episode you’ve ever worked on?

The hardest ones were with Mr. Mofeed Fawzy,  Amr Adeeb , Emad Adib, and  Tony Khalifa, for they are well- renowned and successful media figures.


  1. How do you deal with rumors?

I usually don’t respond, unless it’s a matter that needs clarification.


  1. who’s your secret keeper?

I actually lead a very simple life and I don’t have secrets to keep, but my husband is my confidante.


  1. To who would you like to say “I’m angry at you”?

To Wael El Ibrashy, but I forgave him.


  1. Who’s your closest friend in the celebrity circles?

Tamer Amin’s family are very close to me, especially his daughters. But other than that, I don’t have any close friends but rather, good relationships and respect to everybody.


  1. Whose opinions do you consider regarding your work?

My husband and Tamer Amin.


  1. What’s your favorite Egyptian dish?

Grilled fish and Moussakaa


  1. What’s the best thing about fame?

People’s  love and respect.


  1. What’s your favorite holiday destination?

Dubai, its where I spend my vacation with my husband and kids.


  1. What’s new in for you in 2021?

Thankfully I’ve just opened a new branch for my restaurant in fifth settlement, and will be launching a new restaurant with a different cuisine later in March which won’t serve traditional Egyptian food…it’s going to be a surprise for my fans. As for the show, I’m going to be hosting a new program titled “Qandeel Om Hashem”.