The Elite Festival 2017

For the second consecutive year, What Happens company has organized The Elite Festival for Arab Media which is held as part of The Elite Real Estate Exhibition events by Eskan Global company. The Elite Real Estate Exhibition itself was held 9th : 12th Aggust 2017 where What Happens participated as a media sponsor. What Happens company took part in the festival as it is specialized in event and conference organization. It included contacting and dealing with the media figure who is to present the event, sending the invitations to the artists to be honoured, contacting space channels and the press for media coverage of the event and publishing stories and news before and after the event. The company is also responsible for directing and shooting the event and arranging, securing and setting the area of the celebration through our professional ushers and usherettes and body guards.

The list of honour is as follows:

Ahmed adaweya, the director Mohamed El-Adl, Hamada Hilal, Bassem El-Samra, Fify Abdo, Dina, Abd El-Rahman Abo Zahra, Adward, Nourin karim, Mohamed Lotfy, the poet Salama Ali, The composer Sherif Badr, Mai El-Qady, Amira Nayef, Haggag abd El-Azim, Ahmed Seyam, Sayed Ragab, Mostafa Abo Sri’e, Enjy Abaza, Rania Fath Allah, Wael Abd El-Aziz, Inas Mekky, Ahmed Wafiq, Mohamed Fahim, the media figure Sherif Baher, Karem Mahmoud.

The festival was covered by no less than 10 space channels in addition to a great number of newspapers and news sites.