The Kuwaiti Superstar, Tarek Al Ali

The Kuwaiti Superstar,  Tarek Al Ali
  1. First of all, tell us about your education?

First and foremost, I’m very pleased to be addressing the Egyptian Press through What Happens Magazine. As for my education, I started early on to participate in theatre plays in school and youth centers and then upon finishing high school, I enrolled in the Institute of Dramatic Arts, after graduation I enrolled in the well- renowned Alexandria University to pursue my masters and doctorate degree.


  1. Congratulations on being Awarded in the Arab Film Festival as the best Gulf Actor, what did you think of the festival? Especially when the awards are based on non- Egyptian voters?


It’s an honor to be awarded in this festival, especially because its awards are not up to a judicial panel to decide, but rather on the audiences, and that’s a very important aspect for me. And I really hope the festival becomes one of the best in our region, under the leadership of Mr. Mohamad Farid.


  1. You are one of the well-respected Theatrical artists in Kuwait, do you plan on presenting theatrical plays in Egypt one day?


Actually I participated in an Egyptian movie titled” Hello Cairo” alongside the great Hassan Hosny, Ahmad Bedeir,Suliman Eid and Mazhar Abu el Naga, but I really hope I can work in Egyptian theatres soon, since I really love the Egyptian audiences.


  1. What are your upcoming projects for the year 2020?

Currently I’m working on “Al December” TV series which will be hopefully aired in Ramadan 2020, written by Bandar Al Saeed, Abdullah Al Urifan and directed by Nomaan Hussein, featuring Gamal Radhan, Maram, Eissa Qamar and other uprising young artists.


  1. What are your hobbies?

I like cooking and going for walks


  1. What are your favorite places to visit in Egypt?

I really love to visit Alexandria and Cairo especially Al Hussein Mosque, and the Egyptian theatre as well.


  1. Who is your favorite Egyptian actor?

The great Adel Imam, Samir Ghanem, Mohamad Heneidy,Mohamad Saad and many others, actually Egypt has lots of great artists.


8.Have you performed in theaters outside of Kuwait?

I participated in “Laylat Urs Rashdan” or Rashdan’s Wedding Night, Which was a Bahraini production and it was featured in a ceremonial event there. As for my work, it’s performed in an out of Kuwait.


9.Have you encountered any obstacles throughout your career?

It is very common to face challenges, especially at the beginning when you want to make yourself known to public and producers alike. But I thank God because it turned out for the best.


  1. Can your children follow your path one day?

I do have high hopes for my son Sultan, he’s got a great potential.


  1. What did you think of the Riyadh Seasons fest in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

I think it’s a brave act and a major shift towards freedom and modernism under the leadership of his Excellency Sheikh Turk Al El Sheikh, the Riyadh’s season’s festival has dramatically increased the tourist traffic to the kingdom and helped flourish international and national art as well. It’s a tremendous effort that they deserve to be praised for.


  1. Tarek Al Ali you are one of the greatest artists of our time and you’ve accomplished so much in theatre, TV series, movies and show hosting, what do you still hope to achieve?


I strive to be internationally known, and that is why Egypt was one of the main stops that I was keen on exploring and maintaining a strong presence at.


  1. According to you, what are the key differences between Egyptian and Kuwaiti art?

They’re basically the same, since we were taught by great Egyptian professors like Zaky Tolimat and Ali Alraiee, therefore we cannot separate the two.


  1. Which piece of advice would you give to the Arab Youth?

I advise them to love their countries, and love the work they do, to always do their best and pray for God’s assistance along the way.