Viu Unveils Star-Studded Line-up of Shows for Ramadan Viu’s Ramadan series will be available for free during the upcoming Holy Month

Viu today unveiled its line-up of shows for Ramadan, with eight exciting shows being made available on its entertainment streaming service, including four Viu Originals. For the first time ever, four anticipated Viu Arabic Originals will be available to viewers free of cost during Ramadan and a limited time after that, giving viewers the opportunity to watch these captivating shows


The shows will be made available with a schedule of one episode released daily, aligning with how viewers prefer to watch Ramadan content. The four Viu-Originals are:

  • Haduta Morra, a captivating drama series, starring Ghada Abdel Razek, tells the story of Morra, a peasant wife with striking beauty and boundless ambition who finds herself having to sell off her children for money to a wealthy, mysterious patriarch. The story then follows her journey through the years and the different cities in pursuit of her children.
  • Al Zoga 18. Featuring Hassan Al Raddad, this comedy show is about the romantic escapades of Cairo’s most famous playboy and the extreme measures he goes to to make a woman fall for him, but this is all put to the test when his latest conquest finds out his true nature and decides to teach him a less he’ll never forget.
  • The first-ever screen adaptation of the work of Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, the pioneer writer of horror and supernatural literature in the Arab world. This 15-episode series tells the story of a group of university students who find themselves the target of a curse killing them off one by one in a manner related to their zodiac sign. Their quest to save themselves takes them to the origin of this curse: Ancient Egypt. Zodiac stars Asmaa Abulyazeed, Khalid Anwar, and May el Ghety.
  • Ana Sherry Dot Com. This 15-episode show features Sara Al Shamy and Mohamed Mahran, and follows the journey of Sherry, who inherits a treasure from her late mother, the famous cinema wardrobe designer, a warehouse full of dresses worn by cinema’s leading ladies throughout the decades. Sherry decides, with the help of her friends, to sell these dresses through her website:, and in doing so, stumbles upon countless obstacles and challenges. The show will be available for free on Viu for the last two weeks of Ramadan.

Commenting on the announcement, Waseem Sayegh, Vice President of Marketing, Viu MENA said: “Viu is delivering a star-studded line-up of great shows, including four Viu Originals during this time to give the viewers a fulfilling experience. We are confident that we are providing our Viu-ers with a fantastic range of content for their consumption over the Ramadan period – and beyond.”


The licensed shows are:

  • Super Miro is a comedy show, starring Amy Samir Ghanem, and her father, the legendary Samir Ghanem, about the adventures of a magazine journalist who plays the character of a superhero.
  • Hedud Al Shar is a drama, set in 1960s Kuwait, starring Hayat Al Fahd, and focusing on a woman’s conflict with her enemies.
  • El Deirfa is a social drama, depicting how community and traditions can influence peoples’ lives, regardless of their own hopes and dreams.
  • Mamlakat Al Ghagar is a new dramatic show starring Fifi Abdo, the “Queen”, and Houria Farghali the charismatic gypsy. A story revolving around the secret life of the Gypsies and their daily lives and rituals in a totally new form.


Viu content can be streamed on the Viu App on PlayStore and AppStore. For regular updates and show announcements, you can follow Viu on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.