Wael Abd El-Aziz

Wael Abd El-Aziz

In the beginning, what would "Hamada Tayson" like to say to his fans?

I’d like to thank them very much from the bottom of my heart for praising and supporting the success of the character and I promise these great fans to be always as good as they would like me to be. I’d like to say that God willing (In Shaa Allah) the future is better.

Would you please tell me about your study, qualifications and your beginning in the world of acting?

I studied information at Cairo University, got a diploma in marketing and sales “food and beverages management” from The AUC. I also studied oriental music at the Egyptian Opera House and I was a member of the chorus of the Arabian Music Band at the Opera. I studied psychology in Egypt and abroad.  at the beginning of my life I went through all kinds of work you can imagine behind the camera until I studied acting under a world famous trainer from Hollywood called Gerard. He helped me make great changes to my performance.

I started more than 11 years ago and, like anybody with a dream, I made casting in all production offices and companies in Egypt until I started with 2 scenes with Yosra, the great star in the TV series “A Public Opinion Case” produced by El-Adl Group and then I was offered many roles to do.

Congratulations on the success of "Kalabsh" (A Handcuff.) Who recommended you for the role? And did you expect it to be such a great hit?

I was nominated for the role of “Tayson” by the reverend producer Mr. Mohamed Abd El-Hamid. He is the head of Verde Company and he has discovered and presented the stars of “Masrah Masr” (Egypt’s Theater) which was called “Theatro Misr.” He said to me, “I’m confident that you will amaze me on this role.” This gave me a great push forward, I went to stay in El-Monib and Omraneya nearly a week to live the character in reality and finally it got the approval of both critics and the public as well.

Would you please tell me about your role in the Tv series "Bein A'alamein" (Between 2 Worlds) with the star Tareq Lotfy?

“Bein A’alamein” is a TV series produced by Synergy Company. The company chairman is the honorable man Mr. Tamer Morsy. The series is directed by Ahmed Medhat and written by Ayman Medhat. My role isn’t very big, but I like it very much. It is the second time I play such a role which is the character of a pilot working for leading businessmen and wealthy Arabs. I fall in love with “Laila” played by Liqaa El-Khamisy who is divorced by “Marawan” Tareq Lotfy. The events go on like the role in “Gozoor” (Roots) the Egyptian Lebanese TV series which was shot more than 5 years ago. As for the honorable star Tareq Lotfy, he respects his work, is very disciplined and punctual and you can learn a lot from him behind the scenes. He loves all people.

Is it possible that we see Wael Abd El-Aziz playing a different role in "Kalabsh part 2" And if the main role was offered to a different actor other than Amir Karara, do you expect it to be as successful as part 1?

Producing another part of Kalabsh is still just a thought and it hasn’t been decided yet. As for being offered a role to play in part 2 is something that is up to the director, the writer and the main star of the work and I believe Allah is bountiful in His endowment.

What is your ambition in the field of art?

I aspire to reach international standards. It is a great dream for any artist especially I speak English fluently and have trained under an American expert from Hollywood.

Who do you ask their opinions on your work?

Definitely, the first people I ask for their opinions are my family. However, I don’t ask their opinions on all my works.

Who was the first person in the art world to call and congratulate you on the success of the role?

The first congratulation came from Amir Karara, Mohamed Lotfy and Mohsen Mansour. They congratulated me during the scenes and were very happy when the fans liked it.

Which actor do you wish to work with?

I wish I could work with Ahmed El-Saqqa and play the role of a villain. He is a good guy who works hard and likes good for all. Of course he is the mega star of the Egyptian Cinema.

A movie and a TV series that you admired in 2017?

“El-Khaleya” (The Cell) and “Zel El-Ra’ies” (The Shadow of the President.)

What do you think of What Happens Festival?

It is very important because it is based on the Arab audience voting. We generally lack such festivals that show the opinions of our brother Arab peoples on Egyptian stars and their works of art.

As you have studied the field of information, is it possible that you present an art programme on Tv?

I’m already thinking of presenting a TV programme for a space channel.

Are you a person who takes risks, shy and timid or romantic?

I’m a person who is ready to take risks, but careful. The secret of success for anybody lies in the English proverb,” If you never try, you will never know.” I’m not romantic. On the contrary, I’m a very practical person and I’m never shy or timid. I’m used to hearing people say to me, “You are a bold person.”

A daily habit of yours. What do you usually do in your spare time?

I’m a person who doesn’t like giong out a lot. In my spare time I read a lot on psychology and novels. I also like to have a walk in the beautiful suburb of Maadi. Otherwise, I’m a very indoor person and I love home very much.

What are your favourite hobbies?

I regularly practise fishing, football, athletics, horseriding, motorcycling and swimming.