Wafaa Amer

Wafaa Amer

How did you start your acting career?

I’ve dreamt of becoming an actress since my early childhood, and I’ve never stopped pursing it ever since until it turned to reality.


How do feel about people’s feedback on your role in Lahm Ghazal Series?

It was a small role, and I accepted it as a way of paying a compliment to my friends who worked on it, however, I’m very pleased with the audience’s feedback.


What about the movie “Baraa’et Raya And Skeena”, are your still shooting?

The shooting has stopped for the time being and I don’t know when we are going to resume.


What’s the hardest role you’ve ever played?

All my roles were difficult to portray, and they took a lot out of me, and a lot of effort to prepare for.


 If you were to portray a historical personality or to star in a biography movie, who would you play?

I’d love to play the late Scientist Samira Moussa. She’s a notable person who has contributed a lot to her community. I hope I can play her most difficult life period before her death. As for her early years, I believe any other actress can play her.


Who do you love to work with?

Ayten Amer, Dina El Sherbeeny, Yasmine Sabry, Gamal Soliman, Mahmoud Hemeida, Salah Abd Allah, Yasser Galal, Amir Karara, Karim Abd El Aziz, Amr Saad, Hany Salama, Mohamed Ramadan, Ahmad Zaher, Rogina, and many others across different generations.


Tell us about a difficult life situation that affected your career

The first one was when I found out that Saeed Amasha the producer had me replaced by another actress, only when I arrived to the set. I remember that day I didn’t have enough money to go back home and that could’ve cost me my entire acting career.

The second situation was when I got fired from my play at the theatre only to be replaced by an older actress…that’s why I believe that one should always be strong enough to face his life’s challenges.



What do you think of prank-based shows?

That genre is really popular and has a very wide viewership base, they’re funny and they make me laugh, but I don’t like to participate in these shows and I’m very cautious when I’m attending any program so that I don’t get pranked.



What series did you like best in Ramadan 2021?

Leabet Newton , Elli Maloosh kebeer starring Yasmine Abd El Aiziz, Melook el Gad’aana, Covid 25 and bein El Sama w El Ard.


After the success of the 15-episode series such as Covid 25 and Bein El Sama W El Ard, do you think we can see similar patterns in 2022? Do you think it’s beneficial to the actors?

It’s a good change of pace for the series, won’t be too long or boring for the audiences, and definitely good for the actors too.



How do you see the ongoing arguments between the actors on social media?

Social media fuels the heated arguments, because of the negative engagement of some people who like to add insult to injury. Personally, I never use social media in times of trouble with fellow colleagues.


Who’s your idol from the past generation?

All of them, they all respected their profession and had very high standards.


Can your son Omar join you in any of your upcoming work?

He’s currently studying business for he wants to become an entrepreneur and an actor at the same time.


Do you support or condemn political activism for actors?

Sometimes it’s considered a national duty and a social responsibility to support ones’ country. For example, Um Kulthoom performed many concerts in Europe and donated all the proceeds to support Egypt at that time.


Up-close and Personal

What’s your favorite hobby? Cooking

Do you believe in horoscopes? Yes, and I’m a Gemini

Are you a romantic person? Yes, I am.

Are you a risk- taker? Yes, very much so.

What’s the best thing about you? I carry no hate in my heart, and I always believe in people.

What’s your biggest flaw? Hating Liars.

What was the last book you’ve read? A book by William Shakespeare.

What’s your favorite dish? Fish, Shrimp Molokheya, and Molokheya with Rabbit meat.