What Happens Festival ( Negm Al Arab ) Edition 3 – 2018

The third edition of the annual festival of What Happens Magazine, called the festival of the Negm Al Arab because it is the first festival in Egypt, which is held by the vote of the Gulf public only.


The director of the festival, Samir Seif and director Omar Abdel Aziz, were chosen to be the honorary presidents of the festival alongside the main sponsor, Dr. Bassem Samir. The festival was presented by  Engy Ali.


The list of honorable ones was as follows;

The awards for the entire works went to Eng. Osama Al-Sheikh, artist Hisham Salim and artist Salah Al-Saadani. Ahmad Al-Saadani received his father’s prize.

The Egyptian star Tamer Hosny won three prizes, first prize is the Egyptian film legend to achieve the highest revenues in the history of Egyptian cinema for the movie “The Suit”, and the best album award “Live with your longings” and the best singer of 2018.

The film awards were awarded to Menna Shalabi, Aasir Yassin, Akram Hosni, Mahmoud Abdel Moughni, director Mando Al-Adal, producer Walid Mansour, producer Husam Hosni

The drama awards were given to Mohamed Heneidy, Khaled Selim, Arwa Gouda, Rania Youssef, Mohamed El Sharnoubi, Ali Rabee, Director Wael Ihsan, Mohamed Mahmoud, Amr Abdel Galil, Tarek Abdel Aziz, Gamal Soliman

The Song awards were for Ramy Gamal, Ahmed Sheibeh, Carmen Suleiman, composer Tamer Ali, poet Tamer Hussein, and distributor Sherif Makkawi The media awards were given to Osama Kamal and Khalid Elish, but The World talent award went to the composer Mostafa Gad