• First congratulations on your work in 2021, what would you like to tell your fans?

Thank you for your support and love, and I promise you to always offer the best,  and I hope I always meet your expectations.

  • Do you recall your first role in Ard El Khoof with the great Ahmad Zaki? How was it behind the scenes with him?


I was 14 years old back then and I was still in high school. I remember feeling  scared but also very proud and happy during filming. That experience had a great impact on me, even until this moment.


  • Memories, good childhood memories, what would you like to tell us?

I was a very naughty child, I always played dangerous games and played almost all kinds of sports such as swimming, tennis, football , but now I only practice swimming. I’ve lead a normal childhood with my 4 siblings (2 boys and 2 girls) and my parents. My dad has passed away but he was the most important person in my life. Thankfully I still have my mum who I love and cherish the most.


  • After the success of the series “Bein El Sama W El Ard” and the series “Covid 25” do you expect most of the series to be 15 episodes in the coming season of Ramadan? Is this suitable for the Ramadan season or not?

Any short series will be interesting, be it 7, 10 or 15 episodes. They won’t be boring and hopefully I will be making one very soon..


  • The Arab Star Festival, the Egyptian festival that depends on the Gulf public voting only after you received the best cinema actress award for the film Al-Fous, did Zina think about presenting any Gulf work of art since you have a large fan- base in the Arab world?

The Arab Star Festival is one of the beautiful events that took place in 2020 for me and I thank all the Gulf fans for the votes and for their love . I will be honored to work on a Gulf project with gulf stars, that will surely be valuable addition to me.


  • The artist always has a social responsibility to participate in community work or provide services to the community, what’s your take on this matter?

Certainly, any person, whatever their job is, has to help out and provide acts of service to their country. However, I personally like to hide my charitable work from the public eye, that way I feel more comfortable and happy to be serving God as well.


  • You’ve worked as a TV host at the start of your career, can you repeat this experience again?

Yes, I’d be happy to do that, but I prefer hosting prank- based shows or Children programs, since i love kids so much and I’d like to present something useful to them.


  • If you were to play a historic character or a cinematic biography, who would you choose and why.

Shagaret El Dorr. For her power and strong character.


  • Some artists can hold a long period without work and have no other source of income, after the crisis of the artist Sherif Desouki in the last period, what ideas or solutions can be done and be in the interest of the artist?

The syndicate and many artists are trying to help in this subject, and as for the artist Sherif Desouki, I sympathized greatly with him, but I’m glad he found all the support especially from the President  Abdel Fattah El Sisi. He received great moral support from all the artists and his fans who love him and I wish him good health and a speedy recovery.


  • What’s your favorite role from the many characters you played, and why?

Hanan’S role is in “Bentein Men Masr” ,  Mina’S role in Wahed- Sefr film, the role of Hana in Hadret Al motaham abi, and layali’S role in The Layaly series, which was my TV debut.


  • Any plans for working at the theatre one day?

I was prepping for my role at my Sayidaty Al Gamila play, but it stopped because of my work in the previous series.


  • What’s your next step after Kollo Bel Hob? Any plans for the cinema?

I am currently on vacation but we will be preparing for a movie soon and there is an idea for a series but it has not been written yet.


                  Up-close and personal


  • What is your favorite hobby? Swimming
  • A daily habit of yours?  I drink Nescafe first thing in the morning.
  • Your favorite holiday destination? I like to spend the vacation at the North Coast with my family
  • Do you believe in horoscopes? Yes, i do and I’m Aquarius.
  • Are you a romantic character? I’m a practical person.
  • Who is your role model from the past generations? I love Shadia very much and Magda al-Sabahi
  • What does the social media mean to you? I don’t like social media, but  it  can be highly beneficial such as the case of a child suffering from muscular dystrophy and his parents were collecting donations to help him receive his medication and that’s when  President intervened and allowed him to be cured on state’s expense and that proved usefulness,  the downside of it is bullying and spreading false info, but again it’s a very powerful tool.


  • What was the last good book you’ve read? currently . I am reading  in medicine and law  since i carry a degree in law, or any book useful for raising children .


  • How do you maintain your fitness? I don’t eat at all for example I can eat only one banana a day.


  • If you were not an actress, what would you have liked to be? A Pediatrician


  • Who do you turn to for work related advice? I take the opinion of many people but the final decision will be mine
  • Why aren’t you making Tv commercials? I have never made commercials before, and in order to make one, I must be sure that the product itself is good and useful to people


  • Do you style your own characters or do you rely on a stylist?
  • my sister, Yasmine Reda is responsible for that her taste is very unique and she studied in London so I trust her opinion very much.